Top 15 July 2023 Social Media Updates

by | Aug 1, 2023 | Blog, Digital Advertising, Digital Strategy, Social Media

We’re closing out possibly the biggest month for significant social media updates this year. Buckle up for the latest installment of the Smirk round-up series.

Exploring New Platforms

Not only have there been changes to your favorite apps, but a brand new platform has been thrown into the ring. With Twitter (now also known as X) on a downward spiral, Meta’s finally launched their own competitor: Threads.

With the addition of Threads, it becomes even more vital to take stock of your brand’s social media standing — we’re talking about your platform presence, organic post strategy, reputation and ad campaigns. All of this can be done with an in-depth Digital Audit from Smirk. We’ll help you establish benchmarks to measure future digital success and shape your social media strategy moving forward. Our audits are customized to your unique business goals.

Another way you can ensure your profiles are reaching their full potential is by staying on top of the latest updates. Here’s a peek at Smirk’s hand-picked list of the top changes made this past month:



  • Meta introduces new video enhancements, including renaming the ‘Watch’ tab to ‘Video’, Reels editing tools, a redesigned Explore page and the ability to watch Instagram Reels



Twitter (X)


An Outsider’s Perspective

It’s easy to get caught up in the daily content-making grind and not take the time to see your brand’s realistic growth opportunities. A third-party assessment helps you find those blind spots — and celebrate your successes!

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