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website design okc

Website Design

Whether you have a brick and mortar location or not, your website is your storefront online. It acts as an extension of your brand, facilitating business and brand awareness. It’s sometimes difficult for developers, designers, and SEO specialists to see eye-to-eye when building a new website, but not when you work with Smirk.

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Form & function

There are no egos or hidden agendas at Smirk. We want to build a website that you’re proud of and that works well. Our creative and SEO teams collaborate to deliver a unique design that’s fully optimized within SEO best practices.

Usable for all

Some agencies design websites on complex, proprietary CMS. Some agencies throw technical jargon around to prevent their clients from using their own site. Not Smirk. All of our websites are accessible to any level of tech skills.

Not a hostage situation

While some others thrive on excessive monthly fees or hidden cancellation costs, Smirk doesn’t. Getting access to or owning your website shouldn’t require negotiations. We always give clients access and tutorials upon request.

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Website Development

Smirk’s website packages offer a seamless integration of form and function. Complete with SEO best practices and original mobile-first design, Smirk develops custom websites in-house. Our creative and technical professionals work hand-in-hand with clients to deliver fully optimized sites that fit their specific needs.

Uniquely creative

Your website should function as an extension of your business, especially the aesthetic. Smirk’s creative team works closely with each of our clients to create a custom website design for your brand. No cookie-cutter templates allowed. From colors and typography to style and media, we want your input on all of it.

Technically sound

Have you ever waited for a website to load? Ever had difficulty reading a website on your mobile device? Noticed that your website never seems to show up on Google? These are just a few common issues related to your website’s technical performance. Smirk’s SEO team works parallel to our creative team to ensure your website not only looks great but also functions properly.

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Website Maintenance

After launch, we’ll deliver strategic recommendations to continue building the brand’s online presence. We offer ongoing website maintenance, SEO, and creative services. Plus, we ensure that all of our websites are easily accessible for our clients throughout the development process.

How does this work?

Can Smirk host my website?
Smirk provides website hosting options for all websites that we complete. Our hosting is reliable and cost-competitive with the traffic and storage capabilities needed for consistent website performance. We will also host an existing WordPress website for any current client that needs this service.
Do I get to revise the new website before launch?
Yes! Our team will provide a live link to a test website where your team can navigate the site and send us your feedback. All of our website projects include two rounds of revisions and we encourage you to distribute the link for revisions from all key stakeholders so everyone’s opinion is heard.
Why is mobile-friendliness important to website design?
Until the summer of 2018, search engines indexed the desktop version of websites when determining rankings in search results. But, since more than half of all search engine traffic now comes from mobile devices, Google updated its algorithm last summer to Mobile-First Indexing. So, if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re falling behind in the rankings.
What is user experience (UX) and why does it matter?
The user experience (UX) of a website refers to the overall experience a user has while navigating and interacting with your website. Ideally, you want to balance the aesthetics and functionality on-site to create an intuitive interface that users will enjoy. This became a focal feature of web design with Google’s switch to Mobile-First Indexing, making page speed and responsive design key players in deciding search rankings.

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