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The visual identity of your brand is often your business’s first impression. Make it an impactful one with Smirk’s collaborative branding process. We dedicate time, care, detailed research, and genuine thought to deliver a branding package that you can take pride in.
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2021 AMAOKC Winner
Awards for Logo Design, Brand Launch & Rebrand

Logo Design

Your logo is the foundation of your brand. Whether you need a visual refresh or are starting from square one, our creative team will guide you through the process. Your brand is special — no one knows that better than you. We listen, collaborate and leave our egos at the door. The end result is an original logo that reinforces the brand’s unique personality and helps potential customers differentiate your business in the market.

Brand Standards

Creating your logo is only the first step in building a brand. Maintaining your brand’s credibility and recognizability is step two. Brand standards help customers recognize your brand when they see it by outlining strict rules in a comprehensive style guide.

Branding Packages

With a branding package, we equip you with everything you need to launch your brand. We fit our packages to match your needs, from a logo and brand standards to customized collateral options.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is more than making things look pretty — it’s visual storytelling for your brand. From social media graphics to custom illustrations, Smirk’s creative team specializes in eye-catching pieces that engage your target audience.
best branding agency okc
2021 AMAOKC Winner

Awards for Product Packaging & Corporate Identity

Graphic Design OKC
Professional Animation OKC

Motion Design

Motion design is a unique way to tell your story, easily convey a message or simply add some pep to stale content. With audiences being 80% more likely to retain moving imagery over static images, professional animation is one of the best investments you can make.


Video production is one of the most effective types of storytelling content online today. Smirk produces commercial-quality video that’s specifically catered to the web. From script and storyboard to on-location shoot and editing to final product, our team of creative specialists is with you every step of the way.
award-winning professional animation
2021 AMAOKC Long Form Video Award Winner

Skyline Rebrand Unveiling Video

Professional Videography OKC

Why choose Smirk?

We take the time to listen, push egos aside, and work to ensure you love your branding, design, and marketing content.

Why choose Smirk?

Q&A with our Creative Director

Answers about design services straight from the source, Smirk’s Creative Director Rachel Haynes. Have a question Rachel didn’t cover?

How does the logo design process work? Do I get revisions?
Our logo design process starts with what we call the Content Conversation—an in-depth project launch discussion—and thorough research. Client collaboration and rounds of revision are incorporated into the process and will be communicated to you before our pencils touch the paper.
What exactly is motion design?
Motion design is simply graphic design in motion. It takes a piece of design and gets it moving, creating content that engages your audience and has a higher retention rate than static imagery. Motion design isn’t Saturday morning cartoons. It is a sophisticated and stylized way to tell a story, convey a message, or explain a process.
Is branding really necessary?
Your visual identity is the foundation of your marketing success. You can’t skip it. Getting your visual identity right ensures you’ll save time, money, and appearances down the road. Our holistic approach makes it easy to build your brand and kick-start your marketing journey.

Beware of “cheap” logo design offers. You’ll likely receive a cookie-cutter, templated design that’s been sold to several other businesses. What you’ll receive will check the box that you’ve got a logo, but won’t accomplish much else in strategic promotion.

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