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The Smirk Difference

Let’s face it, agencies don’t have a great reputation. On the 2020 Gallup poll, people gave advertising agencies a 10% rating for honesty and ethical standards — only ranking higher than car salesmen and members of Congress. The bar is that low. As Oklahoma’s original digital agency, Smirk set out to be different from day one. Now, we’re the most experienced local team, proving through every new client success story that there’s a better way to serve. Our mission to redefine client service for the better is what we call the Smirk Difference.



You’ll always know who we are and what we are working on for your brand. You’ll be able to see the real results of our efforts.


We are storytellers. The internet gifted us with many dynamic ways to tell your tale through words, photos, videos, and graphics. We follow a content development process that harnesses the creative power of each one of our strategists and content creators to make game-changing campaigns.


Is your website bad? We’ll tell you. Did we make a mistake? We’ll tell you. Should your business be active on every platform we offer? Probably not. Truth is important. Heck, we even put real photos of our real people on the website.


Our team is truly available to you, not just our voicemails. Email us about the text you sent about your phone call. We’re there for you.


Different voices, opinions, and ideas make the best strategies. We intentionally seek out new Smirkers who will bring different perspectives in addition to their skills. As we grow, our team will look like our community and that’ll benefit our clients.

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Smirk doesn’t do fake followers, bogus reviews or black hat SEO tricks. We only do work that results in real business growth.


You’ll never get a call in the middle of the month asking for more money for the agreed-upon scope. It’s our job to manage your hours and be upfront about what we’ll accomplish. Smirk also charges zero commission on digital ad buys. We believe you shouldn’t be penalized for investing more in successful ad campaigns.


We won’t fill your platform with irrelevant content. No National Puppy Days, Kim Kardashian memes or infographics that belong in a greeting card will be part of our strategy.


We won’t waste your money or tell you to spend more than you should. We separate your ad spend from the cost of our services, so you have full control over that budget. Our goal is to be good stewards of your investment.


We don’t lock your business into a punishing contract. You own your website, platforms and content. If you want a new direction, most of our clients can give us 30 days notice and we’ll part as friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you guys called Smirk?

Our smirk is an intersection between a smile and something a little more serious. In the digital world, we deal with ridiculous things: tweets, pokes, pings, Snaps, face filters, etc. On the other hand, we know digital marketing is a serious, essential part of your brand’s plan to grow.

I need digital marketing help. How exactly does this work?

We’re glad you asked. We’re in the business of fighting for your brand’s success, not smoke and mirrors. We’ve laid out exactly how Smirk’s process works in our Client Journey.

Who will be working on my account?

Smirk assigns each client to a strategist, our account managers. Your strategist will be your point of contact, project manager and advocate. Though you’ll be assigned one strategist, everything we do is a team effort. Whether it’s strategic direction from our leadership, graphics from our creative team or killer copy from our content creators, we work together to provide optimal results.

How often can I expect to receive progress updates from my strategist?

Smirk strategists set out to learn each client’s communication preferences at the start of a new Client Journey. We’ll work with you to establish a communication frequency that keeps you in the know and progress moving forward.

How do I determine my digital ad budget?

It’s imperative to consider the platforms you’re advertising on, the results you want to achieve and your timeline for achieving those results. Don’t worry about guessing, we can help! We strive to be good stewards of your investment. We’ll never recommend more than we believe is necessary to achieve your objectives.

As an external agency, how can you fully understand my company’s core values and mission?

We’ve honed a unique process, called the Content Conversation, to not only understand your company’s voice and mission but to ensure they’re reflected in our work. We listen for the big and small things that make your brand special. The result is a custom strategy tailored to your business.

Still skeptical? Check out the Smirk Difference for a list of our own company values.

How does Smirk measure client success?

From the beginning of your Client Journey, we find out what success looks like to you. What impacts the bottom line for one client could be unproductive to another business. From the outset, we’ll advise you on reasonable expectations for accomplishing your objectives. Smirk measures growth against each client’s benchmarks through various Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), including clicks, engagement, conversions, and leads.

Can I expect a good return on investment from digital marketing and social media?

Let’s be honest, the ROI question used to be downright scary for social media, but these days we love it. Digital marketing offers more data than any other medium.

Unlike the dollars you may spend on TV, radio or outdoor advertising, Smirk can tell you the cost per every customer action, who those customers were, where they live, what they did and when they did it. We deliver a monthly report to each client outlining all digital efforts and the plan moving forward. Smirk’s goal is to be a good steward with our client’s budgets every step of the way.

What can I expect from my long-term partnership with Smirk?

Our team is never satisfied with good-enough or working on cruise control. We are constantly upping the bar and looking for new and innovative strategies to optimize your account.

Can I just manage my digital marketing myself?

Yep. You sure can. If you’re an owner, you also need to run your business, sell your product, manage your team and, you know, eat and sleep. If you’re an internal marketing pro, you know developing a strategy, monitoring every platform, managing ad campaigns and producing content is too much for one person to handle — that’s why we have a team.

Hiring Smirk gives you access to a group of experienced, innovative pros. We keep track of the latest digital marketing trends, dream up new campaigns and immerse ourselves in real-time metrics, so you don’t have to. Your time is valuable. Imagine your day-to-day schedule without worrying about posting on Facebook, updating your website, running ads on Google or reading through all the news on platform changes. We’ll provide consistency and peace of mind.

Why should I invest in digital vs. traditional?

2017 was the first year that digital advertising spends exceeded TV ad spends. That trend isn’t stopping anytime soon. Digital offers precise target options and real-time results where traditional outlets can only speculate. Traditional still holds value for some advertisers, but digital is fundamental to every modern marketing strategy.

What social media platforms should my company be active on?

Not every platform is smart for every brand!

While we recommend that every organization utilize Facebook, everything else depends on the audience you’re trying to reach. If you’re a B2B company, LinkedIn is a great idea. If you’re looking to engage with other industry organizations and hop into relevant conversations in real time, Twitter might be for you.

Our comprehensive Content Conversation and auditing process will help us collectively determine where your brand can shine online.

Why do I need a Facebook presence? Aren't people fleeing for other social platforms?

Smirk has been around longer than any digital marketing agency in OKC, so we’ve seen platforms rise and fall. But Facebook is going to remain the dominant social platform for the foreseeable future.

Facebook continues to have the largest daily social media audience and, no matter the rumors, every demographic is still largely present. Depending on your industry and target buyer, we may recommend spending more time on another platform, but don’t completely count Facebook out. In many ways, Facebook is the modern phone book.

I know a guy that says he can make me a logo and run some ads, isn’t that just as good?

No, not even close. Anyone can make a quick logo, but will that logo drive brand recognition? Probably not. Anyone can boost a post on Facebook, but will that boost drive any meaningful results? Unlikely.

The critical differences between that guy and Smirk: strategy, technical training and best practices. We tailor your branding and online presence to match your vision. You can expect time, care, research and genuine thought to be put into everything we complete.

There are always easy solutions and workarounds, but you can usually expect your return to match your resources and investment.

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