new client onboarding process

The Client Journey

Smirk’s new client journey is all about digging deep into what makes your business tick. We’ve honed this process so it’ll feel like we’re an extension of your team. We ask a lot of questions, create sample content, keep you in the loop, and wait for your approval to launch anything. We’re in this together from Day One, so you can watch it work.

Content Conversation™

We’ll talk through your story: how and why your business does what it does, your goals and what makes you shine. Then, we’ll take those answers and turn them into the building blocks of your marketing partnership with Smirk.
Content Conversation
Smirk Strategist

Strategist Assigned

Your Smirk strategist won’t be a stranger, but a friendly face who is the champion for your marketing goals. And depending on what you are looking for — SEO growth, ad campaign wins or creative content — we’ll connect you with our resident expert and they’ll take the lead on our collaborative efforts.

Digital Audit

Smirk will break out its microscope and scalpel to dissect all of your brand’s digital properties, including your website, SEO, social media, creative content, and online reputation. Then, we’ll dig into your competitors. The result? A clear picture of the opportunities and what’s next.
custom digital audit
Digital Marketing Strategy Development

Strategy Development

Here’s Smirk’s secret sauce. With more experience than any digital marketing group in the area, we’ll assemble a custom digital marketing plan based on proven results. This blueprint will reflect the goals, tone, and vision of your brand. This will be a living, breathing plan constructed to grow and evolve as needed.

Sample Content

Your brand’s content should be unique and developed with the big picture in mind. Smirk delivers a sample calendar to every new content client. We are experienced pros, but Smirk won’t post anything without our client’s OK. That means we don’t start posting an hour after you hire us, but it also means the creative content that goes out will be thoughtful and original.

sample content
Traffic light signaling go

Execution Begins

Once your strategy starts clicking, we don’t go away. Smirk isn’t in the autopilot business. Our team monitors people talking about your brand and evaluates your organic and digital advertising campaign performance in real-time.

Monthly Report

Smirk prides itself on being transparent. We will show you real performance numbers every month. You’ll see where dollars are spent, the effectiveness of your campaigns and have a monthly chat with your strategist about how to react to the latest changes in the world of digital and social media.
monthly digital marketing report

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