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Smirk New Media’s team is a powerhouse of marketing, social media, digital advertising and content marketing experience. We understand how to engage audiences online and drive meaningful growth for brands.

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Smirk New Media promotes and protects our client’s online success with great content and informed strategy. We take care of all your social media and digital content needs.

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Smirk New Media’s strategists dissect and analyze what’s happening in the world of social media and digital advertising. Read about current trends impacting efforts by businesses to connect with their online audiences.

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After executing for dozens of organizations in the lifetime of our company, we know impactful strategies that drive long-term return are thoughtful and extensively tested. Ready to take your brand’s digital marketing to the next level?

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The Smirk Difference

Smirk New Media understands social media and digital advertising are vital components of any organization’s communication and marketing strategy. Our team of experienced strategists and creators works with premier brands in Oklahoma and across the U.S. to develop creative, platform-specific digital content and execute impactful campaigns that drive return on investment.

Founded in 2010, Smirk was one of the first social media and digital marketing focused agencies in its region. No other consultants in the region bring the national recognition, professional experience and digital focus of our team.

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Smirk New Media has helped brands of all sizes develop strategic plans, execute digital advertising campaigns that drive revenue, implement meaningful digital trends, and successfully engage their audiences through the major digital and social media platforms.

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