Conversions Up 32% For Email Ads During the Holidays

by | Jan 22, 2021 | Blog, Digital Advertising, Digital Strategy, Smirk's Take

The 2020 holiday season has proved that digital ads and email marketing continue to be very powerful tools in a time when people are mostly home and making online purchases.

Clickthrough rate (CTR) averages doubled and newsletter impressions increased 10 times from previous years, according to a study performed by LiveIntent.

The Digital Demand

Per the same report, digital ad spend climbed 22% in October and November. It’s no surprise that retailers from all industries have shifted their focus to a chiefly digital strategy over the past year. With the pandemic still in full effect, adaptability has been crucial to many brands staying afloat.

Out With the Old

The new year also brings a decrease in traditional advertising spending, with digital predicted to make up 55% of total ad spend. According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, some traditional channels saw more than a 30% decrease in spending in 2020.

Knowing Your Audience

Why did major retailers see such a significant conversion rate increase? It’s not just because their emails were well-timed and relevant for the holidays — it’s because they were well-targeted. These brands didn’t just spam everyone they could reach. Their promotions were strategically sent to those who have either recently opted into receiving their emails (whether to get a purchase confirmation or enjoy a certain discount) or have consistently interacted with their previous inbox campaigns.

It’s crucial to remember that the more someone trusts and enjoys your brand and the more they’ve engaged with you previously, the warmer of a lead they are and the more likely they are to open and convert on your next email. In fact, recipients are 75% more likely to open emails from targeted campaigns in contrast to more broad ones. Thoughtful, personalized marketing is everything.

Prioritizing the Mobile Experience

The growth of digital marketing continues with retail e-commerce sales increasing across all industries by 27.6%. With the switch to mobile-first indexing and people using their smartphones more than ever, it’s critical to make sure your site is optimized for viewing on all devices. In a time where many still feel safer at home, businesses of all sizes need to ensure their site experience is accessible to consumers.

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