Top 15 August 2022 Social Media Updates

by | Sep 8, 2022 | Blog, Digital Strategy, Social Media

August was a hot month for social media updates. With so much going on, we’ve expanded our monthly list of platform updates to 15 so you can continue to stay on top of trends and keep your social strategy sharp.

Looking Ahead

2023 is right around the corner — if you aren’t mapping out your strategy for the upcoming year, you’re already behind. It’s vital that you have a roadmap to guide you and your brand through this year and into the next.

With that in mind, here are the top 15 social media updates you should know about:








Planning for Success

You most likely have a vision of where you want your brand to be in the next few years. However, if you don’t actually sit down and plan out how you’re going to get there, you’re wasting valuable time and resources. Finding the right path toward your objectives is the first step in reaching those goals within the foreseeable future.

Not sure where to begin? That’s okay! Whether it’s a one-time project or an ongoing retainer, Smirk helps brands create a roadmap to success. Let’s see where we can take you — chat with us about 2023 planning.