Top 10 April 2023 Social Media Updates

by | May 8, 2023 | Blog, Digital Strategy, Social Media

April showers bring brand new social media updates. We’re back with the latest installment of our monthly series highlighting the top platform news.

Don’t Set it and Forget it

Whether it’s Google, Meta or another major digital advertising platform, the foundation of any successful campaign is consistency — consistent planning, consistent performance monitoring, and consistent budget distribution.

Let’s talk about Meta (Facebook and Instagram) for a minute. Business Manager and Ads Manager have been going through rapid, turbulent beta changes for months, much to the chagrin of any seasoned advertiser.

At the end of the day, Meta is still a business. Fully automating your brand’s advertising through Meta — by that, we mean using the “Promote” button under an organic post, letting a daily suggested budget run indefinitely, or allowing Meta to select all of your ad placements and “optimize” your visuals and creative — might feel convenient, but this process will benefit Meta first and foremost.

Taking even a few minutes every day to monitor the progress of your paid Meta campaigns will not only ensure you stay within your budget, but also allow you insights into individual ad performance so you’re not wasting your dollars on duds.

We’ll get off the soapbox. Before you go and check in on your ads, let’s take a look at this month’s top updates:






Optimization Matters

Though Meta would love for you to just click the “Boost” button on your Facebook post and forget about it, it’s important to have someone on your side — not just making sure that your ad dollars aren’t wasted, but also that you’re getting the most bang for your buck. We understand the value of fully crafting a campaign.

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