Facebook Adds Scheduling for Stories and More

by | Apr 23, 2021 | Blog, Digital Advertising, Digital Strategy, Smirk's Take, Social Media

With the introduction of Facebook Business Suite last year, the social media giant has continued to make it easier for brands to manage their Facebook Pages while maximizing their presence on the platform.Late last week, Facebook announced several upcoming features that will elevate your content creation game in 2021.

Streamline Your Strategy

If you’re currently scheduling your Facebook and Instagram content natively, you’re in for a treat — Facebook has several new updates in the mix. Here’s what we think will have the biggest impact on your platform processes.

Planning Stories

Facebook is now making it easier to plan ahead with your content. You’re able to create, publish and schedule Stories to post on Facebook and Instagram. All of your scheduled posts will be displayed on your content calendar within the Business Suite app. With more than 500 million people using Instagram and Facebook Stories every day, it’s important that you’re utilizing these key features to stay connected to your audience and post regularly.

Perfect Your Posts

Along with scheduling ahead, you’ll also have the ability to go back and edit any posts you have scheduled in the Business Suite app. This feature allows you to make any time-sensitive adjustments to your scheduled posts, thus eliminating any potential missteps or forcing you to delete and reschedule content that just needs to be edited.

Coming Soon: Save For Later

You’ll soon have the ability to save a post you’re crafting on Facebook or Instagram to your drafts for further scheduling flexibility. Coupled with the edit feature we mentioned above, this is a huge win — marketers can flesh out ideas when it hits them without worrying about them being perfect enough for immediately scheduling.

Less Time Stressing, More Time Strategizing

Soon the days of having to manually post your Stories each day on Facebook and Instagram or using sketchy third-party apps will be gone. While there’s no set date for a total rollout of these features quite yet, we’re prepared for the impact these updates will have on native content development. The ability to plan, edit and schedule posts and Stories will save marketers countless hours — what will you do with the time you gain back? The possibilities are endless.

Facebook’s new features are going to put way more flexibility and control in the hands of business owners and marketers. It'll be incredibly useful for creators to be able to plan and refine content in advance and adapt to any changes as they happen. Overall, there will be many more opportunities to boost the quality of your page’s content.

Trey Rhoades Smirk Strategist

Elevate Your Content Marketing

Taking the time to plan ahead when it comes to your content is a key part of having a successful marketing strategy. Simply waking up each day and posting on a whim doesn’t cut it anymore, nor does watching the clock to make sure you manually post your Instagram Story at just the right time. No one needs that pressure.

Looking to optimize your digital strategy processes? Not convinced that your brand should utilize a content calendar? Let’s chat.