LinkedIn Launches New Suite For Businesses

by | Sep 16, 2022 | Blog, Digital Advertising, Digital Strategy, Social Media

A recent swell of change and uncertainty in the world of social networking has sparked an important discussion about users, Company Pages, and what features will keep a platform successful. LinkedIn — the B2B darling boasting an audience of over 830 million users — aims to fill a gap in its professional suite with the launch of LinkedIn Business Manager.


LinkedIn Business Manager is an application that empowers large organizations to centrally manage all their LinkedIn Ad Accounts, Pages, and the people and businesses that work on them.

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Micro To Macro

Key features of the new LinkedIn Business Manager include an easy-to-use, streamlined platform for managing a brand’s numerous Company Pages as well as applying saved audiences across multiple Ad accounts. Large businesses can divide their operations across as many Pages or accounts as needed and access them from a single interface.

Whether collaborating internally or with marketing partners, Business Manager gives you an overview of all parties and the ability to adjust access for multiple users at once. For example, a business with 10 separate accounts can configure permissions individually or for the entire team. Business owners should note, however, that an adoption process is required to take full advantage of these new features.

Is Business Manager for You?

As new features are released, it’s fair to ask yourself whether being there to adopt it will lead to being a front-runner or an unpaid tester for a still-developing product. Linkedin’s introductory resources provide examples of who might benefit from the platform and at what scale.

Prospective users at this stage are expected to be:

  • Internal business or brand directors managing multiple Pages
  • Administrators tasked with managing multiple internal users, or groups of users and their access to brand accounts on LinkedIn
  • Agencies partnering with businesses for paid or organic content across multiple Pages

Being able to use the same saved audiences across multiple Ad Accounts is a huge change that we’re excited to take advantage of. I wish Meta would step up and do the same thing. It will also be handy on the administrative side to bulk manage account permissions, especially for larger businesses. Great work, LinkedIn!

Lee Emerson
Smirk Client Service Director

Still, justifying the time investment and learning curve for a major new platform feature will rely on the test of time — whether these features make work easier for professionals and business operators in real-world situations or whether it’ll create a bigger headache for small teams.

Managing, or Just Managing

The tools we use influence more than just our day-to-day. Over time, industry standards are set by how organizations use these platforms. Businesses should ensure their digital strategy is ready to align with the future. Give those tires a quick kick!

Finding the right multi-platform organic and paid marketing strategy happens to be our specialty. If your digital strategy doesn’t feel completely airtight, we’d love to hear from you.