Instagram Allows Users to Opt-Out of Third-Party Data Sharing

by | Nov 23, 2020 | Blog, Digital Advertising, Smirk's Take, Social Media

Instagram is expanding its data policy to include a new “Data From Partners” setting that will allow users to opt-out of receiving personalized ad targeting driven by partner-sourced data. If your Instagram is connected to your Facebook account, you’ll also receive the option to opt-out of personalized targeting across both platforms.

This setting gives people more control over how their ads are personalized on Instagram. It is part of our ongoing work to help people understand the kinds of ads they see on Instagram and provides a clear way for people to choose the setting that is right for them.

Facebook (from AdWeek)

Instagram plans to inform users of this additional setting via a one-time in-app notification. This update comes alongside other notable interface changes and the rollout of Instagram Guides for all users.

Embracing the Inevitable

The privacy expansion follows other major platforms in their efforts to give users more control over how and when they share their personal data. We saw this with Apple’s iOS 14 update, a move that caused mass panic for advertisers before its reactive postponement.


While it’s hard to say how many users will take the time to opt-out on Instagram, you need to prepare for the worst in your 2021 digital campaigns. The partner-sourced data and personalized information provided by major social platforms can’t serve as the end-all-be-all to your advertising strategy.

Trey Rhoades
Smirk Strategist

Be Prepared for 2021

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