Is Social Media a Waste of Time?

This is a blog by senior strategist Kevin DeShazo. This blog was originally published on his site –

“I don’t get social media.”

“I don’t need Tweeter. Nobody needs to know what I’m doing all day or what I’m eating.”

“Kids these days spend too much time on Facebook.”

“It’s a waste of time.”

We hear that all the time, right? What’s interesting is that while “kids” make up only 20% of social media users, the negative comments are always directed at that age group. Student-athletes might be among the most criticized.

The reality is that social media is not a waste of time. It’s helped fund moviesbuild businesses andchange lives. It connects us to those we love and to those with similar interests and passions. It gives us a direct avenue to leaders from every industry.

It is anything but a waste of time.


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