How Smirk increased a music group’s Domain Authority by 47% in only 2 months.

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Shunia is a new-age duo that creates music using ancient chants and polycultural rhythms. A previous developer had built Shunia’s website using static HTML, preventing them from directly accessing or editing any pages. The website also was lacking key SEO optimizations due to a backend setup which left Google unable to read it. As part of an ongoing partnership with Smirk, Shunia needed a new, easy-to-use website to help grow their digital footprint.

award-winning case study

American Marketing Association OKC

2022 Website Design/Redesign Award of Excellence

award-winning case study

American Marketing Association OKC

2022 Social Media Tactic Award of Excellence


Transitioning the look and feel of Shunia’s brand from an old hard-coded site to the visual builder Divi was a fun challenge. It was incredibly rewarding to provide Shunia with a site that represents who they are and gives them the tools to reach new audiences.



The Smirk team wanted to ensure Shunia had complete control over their website and the ability to make changes as needed. We began by replicating the entire website within WordPress and Divi with the addition of a new blog page. In addition to making essential SEO optimizations, our team created new graphics, banners, blog content and optimized copy for the website.


Shunia now has complete control over their website and can easily make changes to pages without having to rely on a third party. In just two months, their Domain Authority increased from 9 to 19 thanks to a fully functional website and SEO optimizations.

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