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The Situation

USShipShop (USSS) is an international shipping company located in Noble, Oklahoma, that gives global consumers the ability to shop from any U.S. store and receive discounted shipping rates to over 200+ countries and territories. Despite being an entirely online service, USSS was primarily generating new business by word of mouth. They wanted to expand to new countries, enhance the site’s mobile-friendliness, drive conversions online and better compete with other international shipping companies.

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The Solutions

The Smirk team conducted an in-depth audit, identifying the primary roadblocks in the existing site that prevented prospects from signing up and utilizing the service. Then, a strategy to improve the USSS website structure, website design and overall SEO was created. After extensive research on the industry and competitors, new page layouts, website copy and original branded graphics were developed to highlight unique selling points and build a strong brand identity.

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The Results

Smirk provided USShipShop with a robust new website design that contains original branded graphics and new website copy, changes which create an improved overall UX for potential and current customers. The website was also built with Mobile-First Indexing in mind and can be easily accessed from any device. In just 6 months, USShipShop has seen a significant increase in daily shipments and traffic to the website, including a 1,307.24% uptick in pageviews along with an influx of new customer accounts. The brand has also shipped to customers in new countries in Asia, Africa and South America.


So much of this became possible due to the hard work of the team at Smirk. Smirk came highly recommended by two trusted friends. You exceeded expectations. Thanks!

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