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The Situation

Skyline Urban Ministry enlisted Smirk to execute a complete rebranding for their nonprofit organization. Our goal was to distinguish the Skyline brand with a consistent, thoughtful design highlighting the important work they do in the heart of Oklahoma City. Their new branding needed to reflect the growth and evolution of the organization since its founding in 1969 as well as be inviting to people of all backgrounds. Skyline’s rebranding debuted at their biggest fundraising event of the year.

The Mission

“Skyline’s goal is to establish an atmosphere of respect and empathy while providing groceries, clothing, eye exams and dignity to Oklahomans struggling with resources. Our vision is to nurture a new level of compassion and respect for those living on the margins by promoting a change in heart through relationships built by serving shoulder-to-shoulder with one another.”
skyline urban ministry logo
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The Rebranding Process

Like all projects, the Smirk team approached this rebranding with extensive research and internal review. Dozens of logos were created in an attempt to convey Skyline’s outreach to people living on the margins in the shadows of downtown Oklahoma City.

Smirk presented the top logo options for review by their board of directors and a final option was chosen. From the selected design, Smirk developed brand standards and a new brand tagline:

Bridging the gaps. Lifting the shadows.
skyline branding
skyline color scheme
skyline mockup

Badge development for individual services

It was important to the Skyline team that the new branding was able to seamlessly adapt to their different areas of service. We created dedicated badges for their eye clinic, food resource center, wellness program and style shop that aligned with the new brand standards.

food resource center badge
style shop badge
eye clinic badge
wellness program

Mission Video

As part of overall rebranding efforts, Smirk created a video that highlighted Skyline’s three main areas of community service. The video debuted at Skyline’s virtual 2020 fundraising gala along with the unveiling of Skyline’s new branding and logo.
“We are thrilled with the new logo and branding package! We have had so many people tell us how much they like it!” — Rev. Debbie Ingraham, Skyline Chief Executive Officer

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