How Smirk redesigned a commercial electrical contractor’s website to attract new employees

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The Situation

Delco Electric is a family-owned commercial electrical contractor. For four decades, they’ve been at the forefront of game-changing projects across the Oklahoma City metro. Delco has a constant need to expand their skilled trade team to keep up with project demand.

Delco’s last website was built more than a decade ago, prior to mobile devices dominating web traffic. Smirk set out to design a mobile-friendly website with updated information. Our goal was to better showcase Delco’s impressive project portfolio, highlight their culture, showcase their extensive safety practices, and drive potential employees to submit applications online.

Old Delco Electric Homepage
Old Delco Electric Careers Page
Old Delco Electric Safety Page
Old Delco Electric Services Page

The Solution

Delco’s old website was inaccessible to their team due to its construction. Smirk created a WordPress site within a visual builder to give it the freedom to grow uninhibited with their business and simplify any future website edits.

Smirk didn’t want to build Delco a new cookie-cutter website — we wanted their exceptional legacy to stand out online. From our early talks, Delco described their vision for the new site as an engine for high-quality talent recruitment. We developed a sitewide SEO and UX design strategy to accomplish these goals.

We created a Careers page that showcases their exceptional employee benefits, educational opportunities and competitive compensation. We collected testimonials from long-standing team members so candidates could learn about Delco straight from the source. We featured their commitment to safety front and center on their new website, including a dedicated strategic landing page.

The Results

Smirk launched a new website for Delco that accomplished their goals and reinforced the brand identity our Creative Team developed for them. Smirk is executing an ongoing SEO strategy to help them be discovered online by candidates, prospects and potential vendors.

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Delco Electric Homepage

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Delco Electric Careers Page

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