Why Digital Marketing is Your Best Option

October 10, 2017 Thomas Fleming social media 4 Comments

Many businesses are stuck deciding whether to use digital or traditional marketing. Although traditional has ruled in previous decades, digital is becoming more and more popular. In fact, 2017 will be the first year where digital spending will outweigh traditional spending, and it’s no coincidence. Digital marketing has surpassed traditional marketing because it’s the smarter and more effective option. Here are the four biggest reasons why digital marketing is the best route for any company.

1. Traditional marketing, like print or radio advertisements, can’t be aimed toward a specific audience like digital marketing can. These ways of advertising are like guessing games, being thrown into the public with the hope that someone will be interested. Digital marketing, on the other hand, can be meticulously tailored to a certain demographic, which both increases its effectiveness and allows for a more individualized message.

2. Old-fashioned advertising can’t offer any specific information about audiences viewing your advertisements. A company could run a print ad, for example, but they have no way of knowing how many people payed attention or what kind of people they were. In digital marketing, companies can target from the beginning. Modern analytics allow for companies to observe their campaigns in real time. Not only that, but they can follow through potential transactions, which allows retargeting to the ones who become costumers.

3. With the surging popularity of digital consumption, people are reading newspapers and listening to the radio less and less. Even television has seen a recent drop in consumption. According to the Pew Research Center, 38 percent of Americans currently get news from digital media platforms, surpassing radio and print at 25 and 20 percent, respectively. The most successful marketing campaigns are those that reach the most eyeballs. These days, current trends indicate that those eyeballs are online, and those trends only continue to increase.

4. Traditional advertising can be costly. Companies can pay thousands of dollars for a commercial, for example, just for the opportunity of a positive result. Additionally, commercial costs can fluctuate based on the length and the air time, so many commercials will get placed in unfavorable time slots if companies aren’t willing to pay big money. With digital marketing, the buy is more affordable. It can reach hundreds of thousands of people using online strategies, with the cost as low as mere cents per each result.

In today’s day and age, the world is constantly becoming more online, and digital marketing is the clear path for success. Not only is it more cost-efficient, but its metrics and analytical capabilities allow for constant improvement and tweaking, as opposed to its more traditional, static, counterpart. If you want your company message to be heard, and you want to fully optimize your marketing success, then digital marketing is far and away your smartest and best option.


  1. Raghav 2 months Reply

    Digital marketing is the process of integrating platforms and customers’ experience through a digital channel. Digital marketing offers the prospect of increasing and improving the interactions and relationships with current and prospective customers through, for instance, social networking sites, instant messaging systems and mobile applications (apps). Moreover, Thanks for such a relevant information. I am myself an SEO Professional and after reading your blog, I can truly say this blog will really help every digital marketer at the beginner stage. Looking forward to more relevant blogs from the page.

  2. Raghav 2 months Reply

    Thanks for sharing this useful topic.
    Digital marketing is fast becoming mainstream media in India. Until 2010, it was considered as an additional option but in 2015, the digital market became the largest media and also the largest employer. Times of India reported that digital market will create more than 1.5 lack jobs in 2016 and the leading newspaper was right.
    Digital marketing is open to all and also it provides exciting growth opportunities. Anyone can enter into online marketing service. This article sheds light on various career opportunities in digital marketing; responsibilities and remuneration. For more information about this topic

  3. Raghav 2 months Reply

    Thanks for such a relevant information. This blog will really help every digital marketer at beginner level. But what I suggest is that at the very first beginning understand what do you want to do or what your client needs in digital marketing for their business.
    There are many reasons for choosing digital marketing as a career. It is a field of vast opportunities and also it is an area where you have the liberty to be creative and innovative. Unlike other fields, digital marketing doesn’t become boring. It is an opportunity to work with and work for brands, new businesses and even with and for celebrities. For more information about this topic

  4. Raghav 2 months Reply

    Thanks for such a relevant information. This blog will really help every digital marketer at beginner level. But what I suggest is that at the very first beginning understand what do you want to do or what your client needs in digital marketing for their business. And then explain to them what strategies you are going to apply for their business. Always do satisfy your client and always be very transparent to your client.
    some digital marketing tricks I suggest:- 1. social content will get more importance 2. mobile optimization is more important 3. Voice search function also gaining prominence 4. Content aggregation will become bigger and better 5. Local SEO is now a necessity

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