What is the ‘Smirk Difference’?

Aug 18, 2020 | Blog, Smirk's Take

Agencies get a bad rap. We hate to say it, but there’s some truth to that.

We hear horror stories from clients who thought they owned their old website only to find out they didn’t read clause 321b of their 40-page agreement to others who invest in large social media management campaigns and never hear from their digital marketing agency.

At our founding in 2010, Smirk New Media set out to be intentionally different in how we serve our clients and grow our agency.

“The Smirk Difference starts and ends with our people. We recruit Smirkers that are as passionate about helping our clients and their fellow teammates win as they are talented. Each of our pros has helped us cultivate a culture of ownership where we fight for our client’s success as if we were fighting for the life of our business.”

Allie Carrick

Smirk President & Managing Partner

You won’t find us using black hat tricks or cutting corners on your strategy to make an extra buck. We never lose sight of what we’d want for our own business and pay it forward to our clients.

Every person on the Smirk team helped shape our mission into what it is today. Here’s what the “Smirk Difference” means to them:


How is Smirk Different?

Smirk is a digital-first agency by design — we believe digital delivers better, more transparent results.

“The Smirk Difference to me has always been an interesting cocktail mix of honesty, sass, creativity, loyalty and a fierce devotion to how the internet can radically change the relationships between brands and customers. We want to execute cool work and let that speak for itself.”

Mike Koehler

Smirk Founder & Chief Strategist

Transparency and Communication

Rather than lumping the costs of services and ad budgets together to drive up client fees, Smirk treats advertising as a pass-through cost that is separated from service costs. Plus, we deliver monthly reports that account for actual spend vs. return.

“The Smirk Difference means that we’re with you every step of the way. Our team prioritizes transparency when it comes to our progress, your hours, and your ad budgets. This is a partnership and it should feel like one.”

Lee Emerson

Smirk Senior Strategist

Unique Blueprints for Effective Marketing Strategies

Smirk spends the first 30 days of every new client’s service building the unique blueprint for your strategy from the ground up. We don’t post mass-produced garbage content just to meet our obligation. Every piece of content is part of a larger strategy and purpose. After we launch, we’ll adapt your strategy in real-time as the platforms change.

“Smirk doesn’t do cookie-cutter solutions — we collaborate as a team to come up with creative strategies unique to each client’s needs and goals. We understand that no marketing strategy is one-size-fits-all.”

Trey Rhoades

Smirk Content Creator

Custom Solutions

Digital platforms don’t have a 9 to 5 schedule and neither does the Smirk team. Day or night, weekday or weekend, our team adapts our working hours to fit the specific needs of your business — just one way we maximize the value of our efforts.

“From our leadership team to our strategists and content creators, every Smirker takes pride in being part of a different kind of digital marketing agency. We’ve maintained long-term client relationships by delivering value for investments rather than just trying to squeeze as many dollars out of them as possible and moving on to the next client.”

Emily Martinez

Smirk Strategist

Servant Leadership

Smirk was built on a foundation of great respect for what we do and who we work with. From who we hire to ongoing investments in our team culture, Smirk prioritizes servant leadership above the typical workplace hierarchy and it drives better results for our clients.

“The Smirk difference is both our internal code of conduct and a promise we make to our clients. It ensures we are always fighting for the highest possible good for our clients and ourselves.”

Rachel Haynes

Smirk Creative Director

Can You Handle the Truth?

If you like straight shooters, Smirk is the right partner for you.

“We treat our clients with fairness and respect and we hope to receive the same in return. Just like your favorite, trusted mechanic, we care about being your reliable source for the latest digital strategies. We’ll tell you the truth even when it may cost Smirk additional business because it’s the right thing to do.”

Emma Duncan

Smirk Growth Analyst

What This Means for Your Business

We don’t believe in trying to be different. We believe that being different is the only way.

Not in the full of ourselves sort of way, but in the way where we believe wholeheartedly that we’re the right digital marketing partner for businesses looking to elevate their online presence. We’d love to have a virtual coffee and hop on a call to chat more about what the Smirk Difference would mean for your business.

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