By Patrick Osborne

My tweets earned 4.2 thousand impressions over the span of the last 28 days. 61 percent of my followers are males and 57 percent of them live in Oklahoma City. 82 percent of my followers top interest is music while only 30 percent are into baseball. July 12 I had a 34.5 percent overall engagement rate with my tweets.

How do I know this? Thanks to Twitter and their new organic tweet analytics tool, I was able to find this information and much more.

Twitter announced last week that all users are now able to check in-depth data on their tweets and followers with Twitter analytics that was previously only available to advertisers of Twitter for business purposes.

Users can go to to access this new information. There users can get all the in-depth information they could want and need on their account. The new information is free to everyone, users only have to sign up for an advertising account.

“For the first time, advertisers will be able to see how many times users have viewed their content strategy,” Twitter Product Manager Buster Benson wrote in a blog post releasing the news. “The tweet activity dashboard is now available to all advertisers, Twitter Card Publishers, and verified users around the world.”

Here are some examples of the many services and features offered:

Snapshot: Provides a holistic view of how your content is performing on Twitter, showing the number of tweets containing a link to your website or app.

Change over time: A look at how the overall data in your snapshot has changed over time. This includes lost or gained followers and engagement with your tweets.

Sources: The most common platforms used to send tweets that linked to your content.

Best practices: You’ll find personalized tips and suggestions that give you ideas for boosting the performance of your Twitter. This will show you when the best time to tweet is based off your times of highest engagement, how often you should tweet and what sort of tweets and style are working best for you.

Followers: Get information on your followers including where your followers are from and when you’ve gained or lost followers.

A graph of the previous month of mentions, follows and unfollows where tweets can be broken down into “good” and “bad” categories depending on how much they were viewed or engaged with is also available for more a more in-depth look.

At Smirk New Media, we have always been huge fans of Twitter. Finding out more about our tweets and how effective they can be gives this already robust platform even more depth. For businesses and other professionals who want to drive their leads, sales and reputation from Twitter, you now have a clearer view of what works – and doesn’t when it comes to content.

For us, the more focused and engaging the content can be, the better.