Top 5 September 2021 Social Media Updates

by | Oct 1, 2021 | Blog, Digital Strategy, Smirk's Take, Social Media

The leaves are changing and so are some of the top social media platforms. Going into the fall season, new tools and features are being introduced daily — and some are already being reevaluated (RIP Twitter Fleets).

Our ongoing blog series looks at the social media updates most relevant to business owners and CMOs. As you’re reading, think about how these changes could be leveraged for your brand in Q4.

On Our Radar

Staying up-to-date with platform changes is our team’s specialty. It’s this knowledge that enables us to serve our clients with relevant recommendations, particularly in our Comprehensive Digital Audits.

We use audits to take a critical look at not only a client’s website, but also how they’re utilizing their social media accounts. Taking a deep dive into their brand’s presence — with trends and relevant platform features in mind — helps us identify any opportunities they’re missing out on. Learn more about receiving a Digital Brand Audit from Smirk.

Below, you’ll find our take on September’s newest and most noteworthy social media platform updates.




  • The platform is testing an option that will allow users to pin videos to the top of their profile


Optimize Often

New tools and features aside, it doesn’t matter how on top of social media updates you are if you’re sending users to a broken website.

Site performance can make or break your brand’s overall SEO, no matter how strong your social media presence is. In addition to being mobile-friendly and easy to navigate, it’s crucial that your website receives regular content and performance updates.

Our Design & Development services can transform your website into a well-oiled, conversion-optimized machine — let’s chat about the vision you have for your business.