Top 10 February 2022 Social Media Updates

by | Mar 1, 2022 | Blog, Digital Strategy, Smirk's Take, Social Media

A new year brings new updates to your favorite platforms. As always, the Smirk team is keeping an eye on any major changes that will affect the way you approach content creation for your brand.

A New Look For a New Year

Just as it’s important to stay fresh with your brand’s social content, it’s equally crucial that your logo and branding materials stay relevant. A brand refresh could be what your company needs to take your industry by storm in 2022 — contact us today to get started.

Find the full list of February’s biggest platform updates below.






Planning Out Your 2022

It’s easy to just focus on what you’re posting tomorrow, but establishing a concrete marketing plan for your quarter is even more important. Taking the time to lay out your year and create clear intentions for your digital growth is crucial to your brand’s overall success.

Get your year started on the right foot by scheduling a free consultation with the Smirk team today and we can help strategize your 2022.