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15 May

Meet Smirk’s New Creative Strategist: Rachel Haynes

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Every year that Smirk New Media grows older, we focus on how our company’s growth can best serve our team and clients. We plan to take significant steps forward as a company this summer and this is the first of those exciting announcements.

We are thrilled to welcome our new creative strategist to the Smirk family, Rachel Haynes. Rachel brings vast client experience and new creative capabilities to our team. Her areas of expertise include design, branding, animation and video. Moving imagery is by far the most impactful and engaging form of content across digital and social media platforms. Her track record in motion design is unique in our market. She will help our clients connect with their audiences visually and differentiate themselves online.

Outside of her professional expertise, Rachel is a great human. We know she’s going to have a positive impact on our team culture and our clients will love working with her. With that said, I’ll give Rachel the floor to introduce herself.

Meet Rachel

I’m a Tulsa native that graduated from Oklahoma State University with a degree in Graphic Design. I started my career in Oklahoma City as a Motion Designer at a creative agency and was fortunate enough to work on a wide range of design projects for clients in retail, education, sports and recreation, and healthcare industries. I was promoted to Art Director in 2016 where I led the rebranding of the agency and transitioned into leading graphic design, motion design, and video projects.

I’m part designer, animator, art director, illustrator, and videographer. Why the range? Well, it boils down to one thing: I just love this stuff. I’m constantly learning everything I can about this field and I always jump at the opportunity to expand my skill set.

So, what’s there to love about design? Design is such a powerful storytelling tool that lends itself to digital marketing. All facets of design are full of possibilities, but I’m especially passionate about motion design and all the ways it can serve clients. It’s such an exciting time for motion design and it’s great seeing motion designers continue to push the envelope and do some really amazing things.

I am thrilled to start my position as a creative strategist at Smirk New Media. The opportunity to use my skill set to help grow the creative department with the exceptional team here at Smirk is beyond exciting. I can’t wait to dive in and start creating.

When I’m not designing, I also enjoy reading, rock climbing and hiking up the occasional mountain. I always say yes to dessert and never skip over title sequences.

09 Aug

Introducing Our Newest Smirker: Emily Martinez

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Smirk New Media celebrated its seventh anniversary this summer. That milestone compelled us to step back and be grateful. We survived every variable a startup grapples with and adapted to those challenges. Watching our team grow was the best part. Each new face is defining our culture for the better and contributes to every win.

We are thrilled to welcome a new strategist to the Smirk family, Emily Martinez. Emily will bring her passion for social media marketing strategy to account management and content development. We will give her the floor to introduce herself in her own words.

Meet Emily

I am from Austin, Texas, but the Keep Austin Weird vibes weren’t enough to stop me from crossing the Red River for college. I attended The University of Oklahoma and graduated with a degree in Public Relations and a minor in Political Science.

When I came to Norman for school, I thought I would always end up back in Texas, but four years later I found myself in love with OKC, the Thunder, and the Keep It Local atmosphere. Part of me will always be deep in the heart of Texas, but Oklahoma City is such a unique and lively place to live that I could not be happier starting my career here!

Apart from the social reasons, Oklahoma City was the best choice for me because I was interested in refining and enhancing my digital marketing skills. From my research, I knew that Smirk was a pioneer in the field I was after, so I set my sights on their firm. I have acquired a diverse set of skills and I intend to utilize and build upon each of them at Smirk.

I am a very passionate worker and have been performing in a professional setting since 2011. My first true passion was writing, and I was able to build upon that during a two-year stint as an Intern/Contributing Writer at the Austin American Statesman. Through my coursework at OU, I discovered Social Media Marketing and fell in love with the idea that these platforms transformed an industry previously reliant on billboards and newspaper ads to a conversational, accessible, and personalized market.

I threw myself into my studies and found internships and extracurricular activities that allowed my knowledge to grow. My most recent experience allowed me to explore a facet of digital marketing I did not have as much experience with search engine optimization. I have always been fascinated by technology and how things work, so SEO meshed very well with my “techie” side.

Considering my background in journalism, passion for social media marketing, and love all things tech, setting my sights on a career in digital marketing was a no-brainer. I counted down the hours to my first day at Smirk and I am loving every minute of it!

However, I haven’t given you the full scoop on “Who is Emily Martinez?” just yet. I mentioned my first passion was writing, which has now evolved into digital marketing, but now I want to touch on my other passions in life…

First, dogs. I love all of them, but I especially love my two bloodhounds that we rescued last year named Brick and Daisy. If an opportunity presents itself, I will show you their Instagram page that is run by my parents (@brickanddaisy). Second, Star Wars. I have R2D2 and Chewbacca on my keys and a Millennium Falcon figurine on my nightstand, and if you haven’t seen the original three movies, I would be glad to give you a verbal play-by-play. Finally, Italy. I spent a semester abroad in Arezzo, Italy, and the food was phenomenal, the people were friendly, and I hope to live in a Tuscan villa when I retire.





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