Smirk New Media has a rich history of attracting incredible talent to its internship program. Up until this point, 36 percent of our full-time team members started in an internship role over the lifetime of the company. Smirk interns are immersed in digital marketing strategy and contribute to real client projects. With this head start, Smirk interns turned team members have gone on to be some of our high-performing contributors. I am thrilled to announce Smirk is adding another member to this illustrious club, Becky Dubner.

Becky Dubner joins our team as a content creator. Over her year-long internship, she displayed a keen eye for visual content and dedication to her varied client-related assignments. After her graduation from the University of Oklahoma where she was recognized as the top Advertising student, we were excited to learn she’d chosen to start her career with our team. I can’t wait for Becky to unleash her creative skills on innovative content solutions for our clients. Without further delay, I’ll let her introduce herself.

Meet Becky Dubner

First, am I Beyonce or Becky? It’s hard to say, maybe a little bit of both. I grew up in Houston which was the best place to be young and without limits alongside a rich culture, big landscapes and big dreams. A lot of people ask me why I chose Oklahoma and the truth is, it was an “in the shower lightbulb” moment for me. Deciding to go to the University of Oklahoma was the best decision I could have made. It brought me glowing relationships, new endeavors in another city, and it let me learn my aspirations and ambitions and take them by storm.

I thought I was going to grow up and be on Broadway one day, but advertising and design, especially, became my new passion (other than singing horribly to the Wicked soundtrack every chance I got). I love graphic design almost as much as I love cats, so I chose a career where I stare at a computer for 12 hours a day and I have no regrets. My motto is “create endlessly” so that you can keep going and growing — just keep swimming my friends.

As an intern, Smirk was a shiny sash and tiara for me. I was able to find my perspective on photography again and enhance my skills with content creation. Now, I get to do all the stuff I love and work with a team that loves it just as much as I do. Digital media is how we keep up with the day-to-day. I love Instagram for my photos, but Twitter is where I get most of my laughs. I think that is the key. When content, no matter which platform, can make you smile, laugh or even make you stop for an extra second is what makes it great. The fact that you are giving up just a little something of yourself because something online made you do so speaks for itself.

If you hadn’t guessed already, I dedicate my time outside the office and off the computer screen to being a mom to my cat, Sophie and my dog, Jack (I hope they get me that “best mom in the world” mug for Mother’s Day soon). I do the occasional knit a scarf thing and I’m a big, fat Yogi. I’m always down for a good chat over coffee, and I’ll be your best friend if you let me.