Social media advertising has expanded beyond boosted posts into immersive ad experiences capable of driving more meaningful leads and conversions.

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Display advertising allows brands to target customers and prospects where they spend time, across millions of websites and apps.

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Remarketing lets you show ads to people who have visited your website, used your mobile app or engaged with you on social. We help clients effectively reconnect with customers.

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Effective paid search or SEM campaigns ensure your landing pages are placed in front of prospective customers immediately. We create PPC campaigns strategically optimized for performance results.

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Problem Solvers

Smirk New Media is a leading digital advertising agency in the South Central region, partnering with brands in major markets across the U.S., such as Dallas, Denver, Chicago, Los Angeles — just to name a few. Since our founding in 2010, we have partnered with and executed elevated digital strategies for organizations of every size.

We offer out-of-market clients the competitive advantage of a professional agency experience at Oklahoma City prices. We take pride in the work we execute and are not a cheap solution by any means, but we benefit from a lower cost of living. With an emphasis on consistent communication, our leadership team and strategists strive to deliver a seamless, attentive client experience, regardless of where your business operates.

Smirk New Media’s mission is to partner with brands seeking to take their digital results to the next level with an intentional strategy and professional execution.

Our Expertise


Smirk’s team of strategists manage advertising campaigns on every digital platform with monthly budgets ranging from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars. No matter the budget, we focus on making every dollar count toward achieving meaningful objectives, leads, and conversions.


Long-term success isn’t typically achieved through one platform. Our team crafts dynamic advertising plans targeting custom modeled audiences with content and messaging that we know they will enjoy, share and interact with. We engage audiences across the digital spectrum with a focus on maximizing ROI and engagement.


Every campaign we launch involves a significant amount of ongoing testing and optimization. This method ensures audiences see ads that resonate with them and our clients receive the best possible cost per result. As digital platforms constantly evolve, so do our optimizations. 

Success Stories

Through an ongoing digital advertising management and consulting relationship, Smirk’s team developed a pay-per-click and remarketing display campaign to promote the annual sale for an upscale interior design and custom furniture business in the Los Angeles area.

To reflect the brand's meticulous style, we coordinated with their internal team to ensure ads were cohesive with existing marketing efforts. With the same advertising budget, the campaign drove 91% more visits than the previous year's annual sale with an average cost per result of $1.10. Also, some of the most successful days of the campaign corresponded with their highest in-store traffic days.

Through an existing social media management relationship, a firm specializing in tax and business law asked Smirk to develop social advertising campaigns that would generate leads amongst business owners and retirees in specific communities across the U.S. Their past efforts with other providers running lead-focused campaigns through Google Adwords and Bing Ads proved unsuccessful. With valuable services, this client values quality over quantity and one new client would show a significant return on investment.

Facebook has specific requirements for messaging and targeting on lead campaigns that do not apply to most other objectives. Our strategists worked to strike the right balance between compelling content and Facebook's restrictive terms of service. Within the first two months, 21 targeted users submitted their information to take the next step in engaging the firm's services. This effort was deemed extremely valuable by our client and a decision was made to increase spending on lead campaigns.

Through a digital advertising management and strategy development relationship, a minor league baseball team asked Smirk to execute campaigns driving attendance for an offseason event series featuring snow tubing in the ballpark. Located in the southern U.S., this series is often negatively impacted by external factors, such as warm winter weather. Our campaigns needed to inform the public about the series and motivate people to buy tickets despite the warm weather. We identified several audiences this event could appeal to and developed ads speaking directly to them. The resulting ticket sales amounted to a 1,000% return on investment.

Outside of our ongoing advertising management services, Smirk developed the entire digital marketing strategy and tactical plan the organization executes across its digital platforms.

Within an ongoing social and digital advertising management partnership, Smirk developed a Facebook advertising campaign to promote an annual winter festival in the city's premier entertainment district. We identified three distinct target audiences for this event and wrote different messages catered specifically to each of those audiences. We tested both audiences and ads to achieve the best possible cost per result.

This campaign received 1,222 event responses and an $0.08 cost per response. According to Facebook, it ranked above 99% of other campaigns with similar objectives on cost and engagement. The offline result was a highly attended, successful event and a continued partnership.

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