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19 Mar

/r/Opportunity: Reddit opens up digital advertising on its app

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Smirk New Media in Oklahoma City breaks down Reddit's new digital advertising opportunities
Reddit’s mascot The Snoo is ready to welcome more advertisers. Reddit, one of the largest communities on the internet, rolled out native advertisements on iOS devices Monday and will be followed by Android devices in the coming weeks.

Reddit will let advertisers target users by interest, browsing history, community, geography, and type of device. Brands will also be able to choose which subreddits they want their ads to appear next to and which to avoid. Advertisers will have the ability to turn off comments, just like with desktop-based ads. These tools offer a safety net for brands who want to be included in the conversation but are rightfully cautious.

In one month, Reddit boasted an incredible 274 million unique visitors, each spending over 14 minutes on the site. Advertising on Reddit is ideal for brands targeting a younger demographic. 87% of Reddit users are under 35. Reddit says 80% of their mobile users aren’t on the desktop version of the site. This move opens a vast new demographic to advertisers.

Reddit allows users to comment and interact with people across the globe. If you can think of a topic, there is a subreddit on it. It’s considered the front page of the internet and for good reason. It is the central hub for pop culture and offers a space for everyone to share ideas, reactions, and breaking news.

The only visual difference between user-generated organic posts and promoted content will be a “Promoted” label on the top of the post. Users will be able to upvote, downvote and comment on the native advertisements just like any other post in their feed.

Native advertising changed the game for marketers. It allows brands to connect and engage with consumers in a non-disruptive way. Brands can more easily build trust and integrate into consumer’s social media and everyday life.

Online presence is increasingly significant for brands. In the digital age, storytelling, as well as the art of crafting engaging and relevant content, has to be the foundation of a brand’s online presence. The Smirk team takes pride in staying ahead of the curve on social strategy. If refining your online presence is something you are interested in, reach out and we can schedule a free consultation.

04 Dec

Grow with Google and Smirk

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Smirk New Media is thrilled to announce its partnership with Google for the Grow with Google Oklahoma City event on December 6.

This day-long event will be held at the Devon Boathouse and consists of workshops, coaching, demos, networking, and panel discussion featuring some of OKC’s Digital Heroes. Googlers will be directly interacting with attendees in various training sessions throughout the day and hosting hands-on demos of the resources they provide. Smirk team members will be onsite to answer questions and discuss how to continue your company’s growth through digital platforms.

As an exclusively digital firm, we are honored to partner with Google as a certified professional agency, as innovation and creativity are not only cornerstones for our business strategy, but are also key elements in the Google platforms highlighted at this event. Google is a pioneer in digital marketing and has influenced many industries worldwide with their intuitive and accessible platforms. Our team utilizes many of the Google tools on a daily basis, so the opportunity to optimize our personal skill sets while helping educate Oklahomans on digital practices made this partnership particularly appealing.

Tools used in digital marketing are constantly changing and upgrading, and Google AdWords is one of the platforms that rolled a new look recently. The marketing world is a digital playground, and AdWords is one of the most important tools available today. Each client strategist on the Smirk team is a certified AdWords professional and many of us utilize its various functionalities on a daily basis. However, in the digital marketing world, staying up-to-date is crucial to your success, and Google’s newest version of AdWords makes continual learning accessible to all professionals.

We are extending an open invitation to anyone in the OKC area with an interest in learning digital marketing to be our guest at the Grow with Google Oklahoma City event on December 6th at The Devon Boathouse from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Anyone interested in attending is eligible to participate. Register for the event here.

09 May

Smirk New Media Names Allie Carrick President and Managing Partner

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Smirk New Media announced Monday Allie Carrick has been named president and managing partner, effective immediately.

Carrick is a six-year veteran of Smirk and has served as managing director for the last year-and-a-half. She will now lead Smirk’s team of strategists and handle day-to-day operations.

Founder Mike Koehler will remain chief strategist, focusing on strategic partnerships, brand growth and future initiatives.

“Allie has been an essential piece of Smirk’s growth since the minute she joined the team. We believe, without question, she is the top digital marketer in the state and her work reflects that,” said Koehler, who launched Smirk in 2010. “We see this as another chapter in the company’s progress. Allie will inspire our team every day.”

Under Carrick’s leadership, Smirk has expanded its brand portfolio and improved execution across its clientele. These actions helped drive solid topline growth and expanded the company’s market share in Oklahoma City and beyond.

“In an industry that never stands still, I’m excited to take this step forward as we continue to grow and expand our services,” Carrick said. “I am proud to work with our team to produce cutting edge digital strategies, original content and an empowered staff in a culture of creativity and innovation.”

Koehler looks forward to concentrating his attention on bringing more of the innovations to digital marketing that lead Smirk to be the first independent social media marketing agency in Oklahoma.

“I’ll spend a lot of my time thinking deep thoughts about how digital marketing is changing the world and keeping Smirk on top of it,” Koehler said. “This continues to be a revolutionary business, and the future is very, very bright.”

Carrick is also the past president of OKC Social, the local professional group for digital marketers.

About Smirk New Media

Founded in 2010, Smirk New Media specializes in all things digital, executing robust digital marketing strategies and social media management for organizations of every size and industry. Smirk’s team is a powerhouse of marketing, social media, SEO, pay-per-click, public relations and advertising experience. Smirk serves clients across the U.S. from its headquarters in Oklahoma City.

20 Oct

What I Learned at Smirk

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When I started working with Smirk New Media in January 2015, I had no idea that almost two years later, I’d be a full-blown strategist on the team. Beyond that, though, I had no idea what bonds and friendships I would form, how those relationships would enact positive change in my personal growth and the invaluable ways the Smirk team would prepare me for future professional success. Here’s a (short) list of some of the things I learned at Smirk New Media:

  1. The obvious: account management, strategy, platforms, analytics, etc.

In the ever-changing environment of social media and digital marketing, your job is constantly changing. What works one day may not work the next, and it’s my job to stay on top of emerging trends and platform changes. As the sole communicator for small businesses, it was of the utmost importance for me to understand the responsibility that was given to me every day. With business owners busy running their business, my services can directly affect their success or failure – that’s some scary responsibility. However, knowing that your decisions have larger ramifications than your own paycheck was a sobering and motivating factor to do my best for each client. At the end of the day, knowing the ins and outs of platforms, determining a strategy, and explaining the reasoning and results for those decisions was integral to real time successes for people trusting me to allocate their limited budgets effectively. This balance of communicating with clients, executing plans to meet their goals, and show them how I did that for them each month made me more organized, more conscientious of other people, and an all-around stronger communicator.

  1. Valuing people above their jobs benefits everyone in the end

One of the things I love the most about Smirk is that they understand that there’s life beyond work and that sometimes people need a break. It was extremely rewarding to work in an environment that was so inherently trusting that you could determine the work schedule that fit your life the best. The ability to work from home, travel to my heart’s desire, or just have the flexibility needed for life’s unexpected events was an invaluable piece of working in a team that understands a punch clock doesn’t directly correlate to productivity. As long as you did your work well, you could do it from anywhere. That being said, it was always beneficial and worth it to go into the office for collaborative brainstorming, good company, and stress-reducing laughing throughout the days.

  1. It’s okay to make mistakes, as long as you’re trying to improve

I’m thankful for the forgiving mentorship of Allie Carrick, specifically for her constructive criticism, learning opportunities, and desire to help me succeed. Under her watch, I was able to learn so much more than I could alone. I’m thankful for her allowing me to have creative freedom and evaluating what worked and what didn’t and – most importantly – WHY something did or didn’t perform well.

  1. Use the skills you have, even if they’re not in your job description

In a small team, there are needs that may be outside of your job description. At Smirk, I was able to use my personal passions for photography and other creative outlets for the betterment of the entire team. By offering my ability to take photos or videos, I was able to grow personally in those areas while helping co-workers, and ultimately our clients. This experience taught me to go above and beyond what you’re asked because it often means the betterment of everyone’s work.

  1. Self- and team-awareness is essential to success

Companies are made up of people and people have strengths and weaknesses. Knowing your own strengths and weaknesses, along with your teammates’ goes a long way in communicating and working together. What works for communication between you and one of your coworkers may not be productive with others. Knowing these differences allow us to better communicate as a team and company. After all, “Teamwork makes the dream work.”



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