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It’s second nature for the Smirk team to stay up-to-date on digital marketing best practices, platform algorithm updates, trending topics online, and the latest Facebook scandal. Curious about Smirk’s Take on the current digital landscape? Read our latest original blogs.

Smirk Reacts: Instagram Users Reach One Billion

Thursday, June 21st — today could be your birthday, anniversary or just another Thursday going about your daily life, but today also marks a historic event in the world of social media. Instagram users reached one billion monthly today. Up to this point, Facebook was...

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Meet Smirk’s Creative Strategist: Rachel Haynes

Every year that Smirk New Media grows older, we focus on how our company's growth can best serve our team and clients. We plan to take significant steps forward as a company this summer and this is the first of those exciting announcements. We are thrilled to welcome...

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We Need to Talk About Facebook – And Why It Still Works

So far, this blog series has discussed this issues surrounding Facebook, the platform’s reaction to these issues, and the changes being implemented as a result. This part of the series is taking a different approach. I want to talk about why Facebook is still an...

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We Need to Talk About Facebook – Scrambling To Respond

Facebook is taking swift action to calm growing concerns from Congress and the public about the platform’s approach to privacy and data security. Its response to the Cambridge Analytica scandal and the resulting changes to the platform will have a profound impact on...

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We Need to Talk About Facebook – New Blog Series

When news broke that Cambridge Analytica, a data firm hired by several political campaigns, gained access to private information of more than 80 million Facebook users in March, I realized quickly this scandal had the fuel to impact every online platform. After all,...

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/r/Opportunity: Reddit opens up digital advertising on its app

  Reddit will let advertisers target users by interest, browsing history, community, geography, and type of device. Brands will also be able to choose which subreddits they want their ads to appear next to and which to avoid. Advertisers will have the ability to...

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