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It’s second nature for the Smirk team to stay up-to-date on digital marketing best practices, platform algorithm updates, trending topics online, and the latest Facebook scandal. Curious about Smirk’s Take on the current digital landscape? Read our latest original blogs.

Grow with Google and Smirk

Smirk New Media is thrilled to announce its partnership with Google for the Grow with Google Oklahoma City event on December 6. This day-long event will be held at the Devon Boathouse and consists of workshops, coaching, demos, networking, and panel discussion...

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Why Storytelling is a Valuable Marketing Tool

Storytelling is the best marketing. Have you ever heard that before? In the current age of media, it couldn't be more true. People don't care for or pay attention to statistics or facts as much as they used to, mostly because they don't translate well online. These...

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Why Digital Marketing is Your Best Option

Many businesses are stuck deciding whether to use digital or traditional marketing. Although traditional has ruled in previous decades, digital is becoming more and more popular. In fact, 2017 will be the first year where digital spending will outweigh traditional...

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Who – or What – is Speaking for Your Company?

AI and bots may be what's next online Automated response technology has often received a bad reputation for how frustrating it can be in over-the-phone and online situations, but recent artificial intelligence developments have brought a huge improvement to the art of...

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Eight Quick Instagram Do’s and Don’ts

Social media has quickly become an integral part in almost every company's marketing strategy. The two biggest social media platforms for companies are Twitter and Facebook, but Instagram can also be a valuable social media tool. When used correctly, Instagram can...

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Introducing Our Newest Smirker: Emily Martinez

Smirk New Media celebrated its seventh anniversary this summer. That milestone compelled us to step back and be grateful. We survived every variable a startup grapples with and adapted to those challenges. Watching our team grow was the best part. Each new face is...

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Smirk Slant: Great content is a ninja vs. ad blockers

The number one metric in digital marketing? Eyeballs. The problem? Consumers are doing everything they can to protect their peepers from brands online. The latest news - a new survey showing ad blocking on laptops is now at 40 percent of all users. On mobile, the...

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Why Instagram Wins: High-Quality Content

In the years since social media first burst onto the scenes, there’s always been a jostling among the platforms to prove which is best, most popular and actually making a profit. Facebook has emerged as the giant, but that doesn’t mean the second place hasn’t turned...

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