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It’s second nature for the Smirk team to stay up-to-date on digital marketing best practices, platform algorithm updates, trending topics online, and the latest Facebook scandal. Curious about Smirk’s Take on the current digital landscape? Read our latest original blogs.

Apple Postpones iOS 14 Privacy Update

Apple has postponed a major privacy update that would let users opt-out of sharing their information with app developers. The feature was supposed to roll out with the latest iOS 14 update but was postponed until 2021 after the backlash it received from...

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Desktop-First is Dead

Mobile-friendliness is no longer optional. With all websites being migrated to Google’s mobile-first indexing this month, you can’t afford to be left behind. Mobile phone users now account for over half of the web traffic worldwide, so your website’s lack of mobile...

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Brand Loyalty in the Age of COVID-19

The ongoing pandemic has created a seismic shift in consumer habits. From how your brand initially responded to COVID-19 to the ways you’ve implemented new health and safety policies, being transparent and empathetic with your audience can make or break their future...

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How Brand Discovery Has Evolved for the Modern Consumer

Social media is an increasingly popular resource for catching up on the latest news and keeping in touch with your friends while you’re not able to see them face-to-face. In fact, of the 6 hours a day that U.S. adults averaged online in 2019, more than 2 hours were...

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What is the ‘Smirk Difference’?

Agencies get a bad rap. We hate to say it, but there’s some truth to that. We hear horror stories from clients who thought they owned their old website only to find out they didn’t read clause 321b of their 40-page agreement to others who invest in large social media...

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Google Introduces Programmatic Audio Placements in Ad Manager

New Opportunities for Audio Advertising Google announced upcoming features to their Ad Manager that will expand opportunities for advertisers to reach new and relevant audiences through audio placements. Currently in beta, the expansion will offer new programmatic...

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Twitter Faces $250M FTC Fine for Misuse of Personal Information

Ad Retargeting Gone Wrong Twitter could be facing a fine of up to $250 million for using private information in order to target ads towards users. The platform received a complaint from the Federal Trade Commission on July 28th that highlighted violations ranging from...

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RIP Retargeting: Apple Kills IDFA with iOS 14

Giving Users the Option to Opt-Out Apple announced a change that could signify the end of personalized ads. With the iOS 14 update — rumored to roll out in September — users will be greeted with a new privacy option that will ultimately alter the advertising landscape...

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