5 Ways LinkedIn is Helping Content Marketers

by | Feb 26, 2021 | Blog, Digital Advertising, Digital Strategy, Smirk's Take, Social Media

LinkedIn engagement has skyrocketed over the last year and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. They’ve even introduced a new internal position that focuses on developing content creation and engagement opportunities for platform users around the world.


We once again saw record levels of engagement across the platform, as LinkedIn’s nearly 740 million members use the network to connect, learn, and find new opportunities. Sessions increased 30%. Conversations were up 48%. And hours spent on LinkedIn Learning were up 2x, compared to a year ago.


5 Recent Platform Changes

In response to such significant growth over the last few years, LinkedIn has continued to invest in tools that bolster native advertising, including features like audience forecasting and interest targeting.

Here’s a brief look at some of LinkedIn’s recent offerings and a few widely-discussed speculations:

1. Sales Insights: This was introduced in December and provides brands with data on key business opportunities based on their chosen market niche and parameters.

2. Product Pages: Also Introduced in December, this is where customers, users and experts can join as a community to inquire about a product and share their experiences.

3. Infographics & Guides: LinkedIn has recently rolled out multiple infographics and guides with tips on how to optimize a brand’s presence on the platform, including How to Create Engaging B2B Content, ‘Return to Growth’ Digital Magazine and a Guide to Account-Based Marketing.

4. Stories Ads: Following the creation of LinkedIn Stories in September, the beta testing of Stories Ads began a few months ago. It’s another spot for brands to place ads in hopes of reaching their target audience outside of the traditional newsfeed.

5. Creator Marketplace: With no launch date announced yet, the creation of this resource will enable brands to find relevant influencers on the platform to partner with for their LinkedIn campaigns. We’re excited about this one — it’ll foster new advertising and promotional opportunities through the platform’s most influential users while helping brands maximize their reach.

Your New Secret Weapon

Advertising opportunities on the platform will only continue to grow as these features become widely available. Is your current marketing approach feeling stale or ineffective? Maybe it’s time to explore another resource.


Let’s be honest, LinkedIn has really lagged behind Facebook when it comes to providing comprehensive ads management and native content creation tools. If you’re a B2B, though, LinkedIn could be the missing piece to your digital advertising strategy. With all of the new features they’ve been rolling out, now’s the opportune time to get your foot in the door and see what you’ve been missing on the platform.

Lee Emerson
Smirk Client Service Director

Elevate Your Performance

The platform is buzzing — it’s time to diversify your content on LinkedIn, take advantage of new native tools and optimize your overall presence.

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