Month: September, 2016

30 Sep

Take a Minute for Twitter Moments

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There are hundreds of millions of tweets that happen every day.  Twitter wants you to be able to find the best ones with Moments.

Twitter announced that Moments is now available to users. The company tweeted, “Creators everywhere can now tell stories with tweets.”

Users can view organized, compelling tweets that have been grouped together based on where they are have been sent from or what they are about. Whether it is “sitting” on the front row of the Grammy’s, being up close at your favorite sporting event, to political rallies or debates, Moments can bring the action to your hand.

From yesterday’s funniest viral story to tomorrow’s big game, keep up in the social world with Moments. Get the whole picture of a trending topic through highlights, pictures and headlines that come directly from the event you are interested in.

Engaging with a Moment:

  • • When you click into a Moment, you’re taken to an introduction with a title and description.
  • •Start swiping to dive right into the story, with immersive full-bleed images and auto-playing videos, Vines, and GIFs.
  • •A single tap gives you a fuller view of the Tweet, which you can favorite, Retweet, and more. A double tap lets you instantly favorite the Tweet.
  • •The progress bar at the bottom indicates how much more each Moment has to offer.
  • •Swiping up or down dismisses the Moment and takes you back to the guide.
  • •At the end of a Moment, click the share button to Tweet your thoughts, and send it out to your followers.

Don’t know who to follow during these events? Follow the actual event. The best tweets from that event will be delivered to your timeline. This will eliminate any garbage and let you focus on the good stuff.

What if you don’t want to keep following an account after the event? When the event is done, you will automatically unfollow them. If users don’t care to follow an organization forever, but can stay in the loop during a special event.

Twitter users who aren’t huge sports fans can still keep up with the playoffs, big games, or just want to keep track of a certain game. Political debates are a great example as well. During debates, you can follow the event and after it has concluded, you will not have to deal with the aftermath.

Moments offers the ability to see things quicker, more efficiently. From personal use to big organizations, utilizing Moments can help in more ways than one.

“Many people turn to social media for their news — whether that be local, national or international. Twitter Moments fulfills that need for immediate news,” said Smirk Strategist Liz Ramirez. “If something happens in another state or around the world, we turn to the digital world to give us more info about whatever is happening.”

15 Sep

Brands Going Live

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Imagine holding a meeting without setting up chairs, pouring coffee or making nametags—and still getting immediate feedback. Think of the benefits of giving potential customers an inside look at your kitchen or your new office space. What if you could show donors in real time the difference you are making with their investment? You can. Other companies and organizations are doing these things, and many more, with Facebook Live.

From the local museum and a coffee shop around the corner to national giants, companies of all sizes are using Facebook Live, a free tool, to enhance their brands and literally show and tell their stories in real time. Owners, social media specialists, entertainers, entrepreneurs and politicians are jumping at the chance to discuss, showcase, highlight, entertain and inspire through this new feature. Anyone with a Facebook account can create a status and be live in seconds—having a reliable signal may be your only limitation.

A few notable successes:

Dunkin’ Donuts used Facebook Live for the first time as they showed millions of viewers the process of creating a Valentine’s Day cake from their corporate kitchen. After realizing the potential, they created a Valentines Day contest for most creative marriage proposal. This has now become a key component of their marketing efforts.

Chevrolet teased viewers with glimpses of their much-anticipated electric car, the Spark, prior to its release via Facebook Live, allowing super fans an early look at this product before its official launch.

Martha Stewart gives cooking lessons real time to promote her brand.

How could you use Facebook Live? Five ideas for you to consider:

1. Discuss a topic your viewers or customers are interested in—if you were to post a few days in advance to gain insight into some ideas or suggestions customers have, a Facebook Live session gives you the opportunity to address these in real time. Being able to talk to them shows the “human” in the business, which is something the viewers can relate to.

2. Give an inside look at your business. Literally, give a glimpse behind closed doors. Capitalize on the cool factor with certain areas, such as entertainment companies or sporting teams. An exclusive locker room tour, a chic company rec center, or showing the inside of a tour bus could really get a lot of views from many demographic groups.

3. Promote or broadcast your event—a concert, celebrity appearance, political rally, clothing sale, or sporting event could all benefit from the addition of Facebook Live to your media mix.

4. “Tease” a new product or idea—whether it’s a tech company showing off new toys or Air Jordan sharing glimpses of a new sneaker, fans and viewers would even more eagerly anticipate the arrival of the actual product.

5. Answer FAQs—getting the same questions over and over? Answer them “in person” and then save the video so others can view it later.

13 Sep

The Lost Link: LinkedIn Brings Back Hashtags

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Even if you are an occasional user of social media, you have witnessed countless #hashtags. In the past, hashtags included in LinkedIn posts did nothing more than demonstrate the user didn’t fully understand the capabilities of the platform. That’s about to change.

LinkedIn has brought back the use of hashtags to enhance the experience of all 450 million users that use the social platform dubbed the “business-oriented” social networking service.

“Welcome to the Internet, LinkedIn. It’s about time,” said Smirk strategist Michaela Brandt. “Long past are the days since hashtags were reserved only for Twitter.”

As a LinkedIn user, you can include hashtags in anything you write. Whether that is an advertisement a brand sends out, an article you write, or a simple message to a friend congratulating them on a new job — adding a hashtag to your post creates conversation for brands and people. Hashtags organize similar content, which lets any of LinkedIn’s 450 million users find your articles quicker. Using hashtags in a clever way can really skyrocket your following. At any time you may modify your privacy settings in order to monitor who may read your articles.

On the opposite end, when searching for articles, ideas, jobs, or people, hashtags make it easy.  With the ability to tap these hashtags, you can find specific needs or explore related information. After finding search results, you can pick other related posts or use that hashtag to participate in the conversation. Like other social platforms, only public posts using the hashtag will be shown in search.

“Frankly, tracking conversations and topics through hashtags just makes sense, especially on a professional platform where topics often revolve around industry and trades,” said Brandt. “Whether or not they’ll be used often or well is still up in the air, but it’s one of the platforms where hashtags make sense for the benefit of the user and publisher alike.”

Although accessible on the desktop version, hashtag use was designed for its iOS & Android apps. LinkedIn knows that the majority of its users are strictly mobile and the small percentage of users who use the desktop version are generally people who are not using hashtags in the first place.

Before this upgrade, searching for content was difficult. When looking for an article, you had to go to the author’s individual profile and swipe through before finding the content. Now, hashtags cut down on search time, making it easier for users to find what they are interested in.

LinkedIn says this update is just the beginning. This is an important step to make sure that its entire library of resources is being utilized and made available to more users. Although 450 million people call themselves LinkedIn users, only a quarter of them visit the site on a monthly basis and this is just one of the ways this platform is trying to re-engage its user base on a more regular basis.

06 Sep

Promoted Pins prove powerful

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Pinterest reached an incredible milestone this year — 150 million monthly active users, up 50% year-on-year. Also, they reported they’re serving 10 billion recommendations a day, 150 million visual searches monthly and more than 2 billion text-based searches.

For product-oriented brands, Pinterest’s Promoted Pins are an unbeatable opportunity to broaden your audience and expand engagement of organic Pins or videos that translate to impactful sales results.

Similar to Facebook’s Boosted Posts, Promoted Pins are blasted through Pinterest and exposed to more targeted viewers. This helps Pinners discover new things and ideas quicker. They stand out to users, regularly receiving more engagement and superior user ratings over organic Pins appearing in their feed.

Brands can purchase Promoted Pins for any type of marketing goals, such as raising awareness, creating engagement, or improving viewer traffic. You can designate how-tos, demos, sneak peeks, or ideas as a Promoted Pin on your board.

Promoted Pins raise awareness to a targeted audience that is already using the platform to search for ideas and products. As Pinners gain interest, your brand could gain a Pinterest following with the ability to grow exponentially

With Promoted Video, a new feature that allows brands to broadcast videos to a broader audience, you can provide a more direct call-to-action for Pinners to click under the video for more on the products or services featured.

Pinterest is not important for every brand, but it is an effective platform to connect customers with products and lifestyle brands. With the right strategy, target audience, content and budget — Promoted Pins can drive profit.



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