Month: May, 2012

23 May

The poetry of social media content

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Back in the olden times, I was an English major, and spent my college days deciphering the cantos of Ezra Pound, skimming my way through “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” and diving into the deep end of William Carlos Wlliams.

As corny and odd as it may sound, that study of poetry during the 1990s has been a great foundation for making sure social media content works well in 2012.
Reading it, writing it, standing before the occassional open mic (ah, confessions) with poetry is great for planting the beat and flow of words. It was key for writing headlines as well, when I did such things in the newspaper biz, sprinkling in alliteration and allusions and all those little literacy tricks that turn dull into shiny.
The Venn diagram of the words of commerce and words of art intersecting isn’t new, though. Dr. Williams wrote verse while he also wrote perscriptions, Sherwood Anderson was a copywriter and Don Draper endulged himself in Frank O’Hara’s verse.
But how does that fit in the world of 140 characters? Quite well actually.
Every piece of social media content, whether a Tweet or a blog or a photo, should reflect the heartbeat of a brand. What’s important is consistency, originality, tone, rhythm and cadence. Content needs to be an extension of not only a brand’s existing marketing, but the “feel” of a business. Is it aggressive, fun, stately? Is it ping-pong table casual or old-world stuffy? What people see when they are in a business, should underlie what people hear, see and read when they are in the business’ social world.
That’s why Smirk emphasizes and studies our clients through our Content Conversation process at the very front end of our work. getting that feel is critical when a business wants us to help with its voice.
When social media content doesn’t work in this way, it’s not only disingenuous, but can be damaging. Annoying, sales-y messges can turn off customers and alienate any potential audience.
Whether done internal or with a consultant, social media without a geniune voice can be a disaster. You dont want to see ALL CAPS nails-on-the-chalkboard, tone-deaf mesages at 1 a.m. or (sin of all sins) a consultant promoting themselves through their client accounts.
What customers read should sync up with what they feel and experience with a company. If any of those are out of kilter then it’s not just bad poetry, it’s bad business.
17 May

Is Social Media a Waste of Time?

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This is a blog by senior strategist Kevin DeShazo. This blog was originally published on his site –

“I don’t get social media.”

“I don’t need Tweeter. Nobody needs to know what I’m doing all day or what I’m eating.”

“Kids these days spend too much time on Facebook.”

“It’s a waste of time.”

We hear that all the time, right? What’s interesting is that while “kids” make up only 20% of social media users, the negative comments are always directed at that age group. Student-athletes might be among the most criticized.

The reality is that social media is not a waste of time. It’s helped fund moviesbuild businesses andchange lives. It connects us to those we love and to those with similar interests and passions. It gives us a direct avenue to leaders from every industry.

It is anything but a waste of time.


15 May

Dear Smirk: A welcome letter from Tulsa

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Joining the Smirk team: We go together like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong

 Chips and salsa. 
Angelina Jolie and little third-world orphans.
Olivia Newton-John and black leather pants. 
Smirk New Media and Me.
That’s right, I’m the newest member of the Smirk New Media team, and I couldn’t be more excited.
I’ve got a public relations background, and I’ve always felt strongly that PR and social media go hand in hand. After all, with social media, you can

Allison Broyles

not only monitor what others are saying about your industry and brand, but you can speak directly with a group of people who have willingly opted to listen to what your organization has to say, and who can provide value in communication back to you!

Basically, social media is a huge PR opportunity that many businesses do not always have the time or know-how to get started.
That’s why I love the mission behind Smirk New Media – to help businesses grow relationships with their key audiences online.
I had the opportunity to work with the CEO and chief strategist Mike Koehler in 2009 as an intern at Schnake Turnbo Frank|PR, and since then I’ve jumped into the PR game, specializing in strategic social media for businesses.
The past few years, I’ve gained invaluable experience in social media strategy and management for campaigns, fundraisers, promotions and events, working in many different industries including technology, restaurants, retail, nonprofits and more. I’m thrilled to become a part of what Mike has created in Oklahoma City and to help bring it to Tulsa.
This is the beginning of what I hope will be a beautiful and lasting relationship.
Love from Tulsa,
Allison Broyles
Psst…Find me on Twitter!
14 May

Spring clean your social media!

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With summer rapidly approaching, it’s time to do some spring-cleaning around your social media sites to keep your followers hype and to gain even more attention. Through research, observation and experience, we’ve got a few tips to help you step your game up.

1. Personalize it.

Too many companies have resorted to using automated tweets and posts to market their services. Customize your updates by attaching a message before the link so that consumers recognize that it isn’t just generic. By adding a message, it also increases your endorsement, because every share or retweet after that point will include your name and message, not just the URL. Let’s be real: less people stay on the phone for an automated
recording; likewise less people view the post of an automated URL.

2. Play off Pinterest.

Pinterest has become one of the hottest commodities as of late. If your company doesn’t have any pins circulating- start pinning. And if you do, then pay close attention to the types of people that are pinning your products. Key in on their other interests and try to create an even more intriguing image by getting to know the tastes of those who fancy yours.

3. Put on some makeup.

So to speak, of course. You can grab a lot of attention with some simple site maintenance. You don’t have to give your social media pages a total makeover; just give them a little touch up. People enjoy a change of scenery every now and then. By doing little things such as putting up new pictures, altering some colors or changing a background, your online profile can take on a whole new look.

Don’t let your online appearance get sloppy. Refresh your focus, clean up your design and leave the people coming back for more!



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