Month: February, 2012

29 Feb

Spinning pinning: Lessons from the rise of Pinterest

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The rise of Pinterest is one of those unavoidable stories if you live in the world of social media.

The site is the hottest platform going and there are statistics and infographics sprouting up like dandelions to prove it. BOOM:

So what is that supposed to teach us about the state of social media and how company can reach customers?

Here are a few quick lessons to take from Pinterest”s rise, how people use the site and what it means for content.

  • Wishlists still matter: Pinterest is the web equivalent of tearing pages out of magazine, throwing scraps of papers in a tickler file and dreaming. There”s always been a value in atoledo giving users the ability to store – just ask Evernote – but this combination of being able to store and share has been the secret sauce for Pinterest. As someone told me about Pinterest: “It”s clothing your imaginary kids, decorating your imaginary house and cooking your imaginary meals.” Imagination matters.
  • Demographics have muscle: You can”t ignore the powerhouse of women with disposable income. The rich data we are able to draw from social media dives it so much value. Knowing who is looking at what – and using that information to drive traffic and conversions – makes Pinterest a showcase for how to display content.
  • Social media strategists like Smirk New Media, and companies that are tackling their own web marketing, need to be on their toes when it comes to adding platforms to their plans. For some Pinterest is a perfect match, for others, not so much.  Knowing sites that are worth the investment and could bring the return is why having a pro helping craft a strategy is a good idea.


14 Feb

Social media kindness makes us feel warm and fuzzy

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By far, this was my favorite story of the past week.

“U.S. Adults: Most People are Kind on Social Media”

Sigh. At last, people see (and feel) what”s possible.

We know there are trolls, bullies and worthless, self-centered content being shared every day on social platforms.

But we should be pleased that a philosophy based on sharing has traction and that, more often than not, when the call goes out to help someone success follows.

Just in the past few weeks I”ve seen kids get tickets to sold-out events, the community rally around the OKCCoCo and real, heart-felt prayers go up.

If, in the midst of all online casinos of that, people share the brands they love or steer their friends toward business, then social media continues to grow its stature and muscle in our life.

Sharing and kindness sitting in front of us on our screens with social media It can be done well, done right and with the best intentions.

It”s enough to warm your heart. Happy Valentine”s.



13 Feb

Our collective gasps – and cheers

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Here’s a secret – American Idol helped convince me that social media was changing the world.

The idea of a shared online experience, that people around the world, including those in my social network, could watch and react in real-time to a big event on TV was something that stirred my traditional media heart.
That original moment of watching American Idol and being floored when Kris Allen beat Adam Lambert, then watching Twitter (still just flirting with the mainstream) flood with cheers and moans and other comments was informative. If we could come together online in these red-hot moments of popular culture, we could be together during moments of importance.

In the years and months that follows, we were together during bad weather, revolutions around the world, elections, births and deaths.

All of that came to mind in the past few days with the death of Whitney Houston, the rise of basketball star Jeremy Lin and last night’s Grammys.

Social media is now an inexorable part of any news that shakes our personal foundations, bringing us sadness or joy. When we experience these moments, we are flocking to the web to add our voice but also to find comfort or support in the voices of others.

Does it make a difference to the world whether your posted “RIP Whitney” on your Facebook wall? In the grand scheme of things – no. But being one more stream in the river of information that defines our nation and shapes how we collectively lean on each other.

If that’s the least of what social media does – apart from the rich and deep business applications – then more power to it.

06 Feb

5 reactions to the Super Bowl and Social Media

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Enjoyed the Super Bowl last night, mostly because we were constantly 10 minutes behind thanks to the trusty DVR, much-needed pauses to get kids calmed down and dinner ready and the fact that it was a good warmup to the new episode of Downton Abbey.

Here are some thoughts about how it all went down through the prism of social media lessons:

  • Spoiler Alert: Some of the commercials on Sunday were great. I especially liked the MetLife commercial with the retro cartoons (Daphne is now Richie Rich”s lady?!), but most of the big ones I had already seen online days before – Matthew Broderick, the Avengers teaser, the Volkswagen dog/Star Wars cantina scene. When a 2-minute commercial has a 30-second web teaser and then runs early, what”s the point of showing it live?
  • There seemed to be a string of commercial touting their own Twitter hashtags. While these might help make your new slogan stick in the mush of everyone”s minds for a few seconds more, it”ll take a lot for them to seep into popular culture. A look at Twitter trending topics on Monday morning found no #MakeItPlatinum. (And don”t get me started on QR codes on commercials. Really?)
  • MIA”s bird flippage from the halftime show didn”t seem to cause to much of a lasting Twitter ripple. However, this being the era of rapid Internet response (or overreaction, depending on your nature), the Parents Television Council was quickly alerting its Twitter followers of the event and just a few hours later was on Drudge and around the web.
  • I was surprised to see that Google and Apple stayed on the sidelines. I did love the Best Buy commercial, if only for the . In other tech commercial news, I think just about everyone on Earth feels like they need to take a shower whenever they see or have to deal with GoDaddy.
  • Finally, looks like the game (and the halftime show) were among the highest ever events . Two screens, everyone. Two screens!
02 Feb

Business is beta

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Welcome to the new edition of the Smirk New Media website.

This site represents a lot of work and input by many people and shows how much we have evolved as a company since July 2010.

But more than anything I think it shows the benefits of beta – the idea that the web gives us a platform that is flexible, transparent and nimble enough to respond to feedback and continue to improve upon itself.

Google is notorious for its beta culture, which allows products to rise and fall and be tweaked during the process. It works for Google, so why shouldn’t it work for all of us.

Smirk New Media has changed its pricing and its service list in the last year and a half, we’ve added and subtracted partnerships, clients and staff and attempt to be open to change and new information. Today I will be speaking at IABC about what social media will look like in 2012, I revised the talk last night to ensure we had information in there about the Facebook IPO.

Thanks for taking the time to visit our new site. One thing to note – we have been very intentional about being open about who our team is, who are clients are and what services we provide. Many companies that provide social media services don’t do that, but we think it’s important.

Are we missing anything? Let us know. It’s cool – that’s what beta is all about.




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