Month: August, 2011

18 Aug


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I’m sitting here right now at Panera Bread overhearing a discussion at the other table between a social media consultant and a would-be client.
Makes me wonder, “Is this how I sound?”
Makes me wonder, “How do I differentiate myself?”
That’s just the nature of this business now – and really any business dealing with ideas, advice and the squishiness of the web – how is my strategy, presentation and image different from the crowd.
I’d like to say I’m different because of my experience and background (journalism is nothing if not sharing information with customers).
Or maybe it’s confidence or remembering and explaining the information that answers people’s questions.
But the more I think about it, perhaps it’s best to keep striving and refining to find that distinction. It’s another great carrot to keep out in front of you.
Self-satisfaction is the enemy of success.

08 Aug

Where is the line?

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Where is the line?

Where is the line between hustling for more business and losing yourself in it?

Where is the line between 24/7 dedication to your work and isolation from your family?

Where is the line between social media engagement and mechanical, shallow link sharing?

Where is the line between honest online conversation and cheery, but dishonest, web persona?

Where is the line between being truly helpful and just fishing for a potential client?

Where is the line between live tweeting from a cool conference and a truckload of humble-bragging?

Where is the line that makes us feel good about ourselves, our family, our work and our mission?

If you’ve found it, that’s where you need to be.

01 Aug

Hooks in the water

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I’ve spent a great deal of time over the past year trying to figure out the rhythm of running a small business.

When do you work in your business, when do you work on your business, when should you be prospecting and developing new clients and when should you be making sure you have batteries for the electric pencil sharpener?

It’s all a complicated juggling act.

Lately, I’ve been concentrating on the churn, making sure I have projects ready to start as other projects end. Not easy, for sure, but exciting.

Wondering about all the other small bizzers out there. How do you balance work and development, especially if you’re a one-man band?

How do you keep enough hooks in the water to catch fish you’re going to need later?




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