Month: June, 2011

27 Jun


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Smirk New Media is offering social media training on Tuesday, June 28 for big and small businesses, non-profits, churches and anyone interested in creating a community around their brand.

The session, “Creating Customers With Social Media” will be held from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. at Oklahoma City First Church of the Nazarene, 4400 NW Expressway in Oklahoma City.

Cost is $50. With your ticket you also receive:

  • One hour of free onsite, one-on-one consultation.
  • One free month of internet brand monitoring from

There is a lot of advice out there right now about how best to use social media for your business. We will be sharing some proven ways to create enthusiasm and engagement online with great content and customer service.

To order tickets or reserve your spot, please visit at:

17 Jun


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Some days you just have to be flexible.

You might not want to bend, but your ability to wrap around a project like Plastic Man will give you an ability that’s strong in the world of communication.

The ability to always say yes.

Now this may sound like people-pleasing pandering, but being flexible to what your clients, partners or family may need and finding a way to get it done is a handy skill.

You want to be flexible like MacGyver, not flexible like Mr. Smithers. When you say yes because of you flexibility, you aren’t bending over backward, it’s bending over forward.

Show your ability to find solutions, even in the strangest of situations. When a client asks if you know a computer program you’ve never heard of, say yes, and learn what it takes to get the job done. (To a point, of course. If someone asks you if you to perform open-heart surgery, you may want to say no. Unless you are stranded on a desert island, then go for it!)

Flexibility is all about mixing the skills of hard work, problem-solving and tirelessness. You bend yourself enough times and you’ll end the day pretty sore but plenty satisfied.




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