Month: May, 2011

31 May

Short blogs, better blogs

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When you sit down to write your blog, think short. This is not the final book of the Harry Potter saga, this is a touchpoint between your brain, your tribe and potential customers.

Think Seth Godin’s blog. A few hundred words of wisdom.

Think  the Gettysburg Address. Just 272 words.

Think your elevator pitch. Next floor! Ding!

Think whisper in a crowded room.

Think Twitter’s 140 characters.

Think Fortune Cookie.

Think bullet points.

Think importance.


19 May

Roles and Goals

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Sometimes the world of a small business and a sixth grader get a little too close.

I’ve been trying hard to keep my brilliant 11-year-old on task this year as he’s tackled the brain-challenging world of Classen School for Advanced Studies.

One issue we’ve talked about this year is knowing your roles and your goals.

Know the roles you have in life and strive to do well in all of them: son, brother, Christian, student, Boy Scout, leader.

Know the goals you have in life and keep focused on them as well: Getting good grades, reading many books, learning a new language, living as God wants me too.

He’s 11, but does that really change for me, fighting my way through my 30s and trying to keep my business bountiful and helpful to customers?

Roles: Christian, husband, father, businessman, friend, provider, leader, influencer, subject matter expert, writer, strategist.

Goals: Provide for my family, help other succeed, help my church, connect with people, read more books.

The more things change…

What are your goals and your roles?

17 May

Building a community

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Throwing out the word “community during talks about social media is pretty easy.

You want to go online and “build a community” around yourself, your brands or your interests. Easy as that, right?

It”s not. You can read Seth Godin”s “Tribes” until you have it memorized or you can tattoo it on your back and that won”t make a community grow over night. It takes work. It takes hustle. It takes @garyvee style intensity.

Building a community is not a passive activity. “If you build it, they will come,” is a rare happening online. Those things happen virally, sure, but on the web there is NO Viral Button.

Want to build a community? Provide good conversation and content, share, help and listen. If you online pokies want a community, it has to be a place that people want to live in for a little part of their lives. If it”s scary or not well-maintained, then it won”t be much of a neighborhood.

Lucky for us, we see great online communities all around us in Oklahoma City: Thunder fans; LifeChurch members; severe weather wonks; Midtown, Downtown and Plaza District loyalists; Big Truck Taco flag-wavers and non-profit cause heroes.

Look around. What are those communities doing right? See it and do it.



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