Smirk New Media is fast approaching its first anniversary this summer and it”s been a time of much reflection and prayer around headquarters.

We”ve had some notable successes and great clients. The Creativity World Forum, the 5320 campaign, Sysco, Griffin Communications Authentic Custom Homes and others.

But even with all of our home runs, Smirk New Media has always been a business that has been balanced with other duties at home: taking kids to and from school, Scout meetings, appointments, grocery store runs and sack lunch making.

I never have felt that Smirk has been marketed as well as it could have been or worked as hard as it should on prospect development.

So that brings me to fighting left-handed. In that great scene in “The Princess Bride”, Inigo Montoya and the Dread Pirate Roberts are engaged in one of the greatest sword fighting duels in movie history.

Just as the fight is heating up, the Dread Pirate Roberts asks Inigo why he is smiling.

“Because I know something you don”t know,” Montoya says. “I am not left-handed.”

Smirk New Media enters a new phase today. We”ve made tough decisions, some re-investments, shut some doors and opened others, saved some time, created some new revenue streams.

Oklahoma City, Smirk New Media has been fighting left-handed for the past few months and doing really well.

No longer. Let”s see what happens now.