Maybe it’s reading too much John Maxwell or Seth Godin before I go to bed. Maybe it was too much Taco Bell, but I’ve been nagged by the notion that I could be offering more for business beside consulting and strategy.

So it occurred to me. After helping various folks in various professions with various headscatching problems, the lightbulb went off.

Consider this, then, the Lightbulb experiment.

IDEAS: $1.

Like Lucy sitting behind her psychiatrist stand in Charlie Brown, I’m offering my brain for one price, cheap.

If you are stuck for an idea about anything, like…:

* Where to go for lunch?
* What should be the prom theme?
* What movie should I go to tonight?
* What should I write about on my blog today?
* Who should be the guest speaker at our next meeting?
* How do I solve this problem online?
* What should I get granny for her 82nd birthday?

I’ll give you an idea. It might be a good one, it might be a terrible one, it might be a million-dollar one.

What are you out? One dollar. George Washington gives you a brainstorm.

Your dollar buys you at least one idea of one sentence. You may get 10 ideas or four pages of info, depending what strikes me.

I’ve set up a special email address for idea seekers at

One Buck Ideas is also on Twitter now: @onebuckideas

Or, if you just want to dive in, I have provided a Paypal button below. Put your idea in the Paypal instructions and notes, along with a contact email.