Long-time, no blog.

It”s been a crazy end of 2010, dawn of 2011 here at Smirk New Media.

But now we”ve launched into this month with a couple of big events on the horizon.


The first is an opportunity I”ve been given to teach a two-day at Oklahoma Christian, explaining to the students about the intersection of new media, journalism, marketing and public relations. I”m as excited to hear what they have to say about where all of this is headed as I am to talk to them about how it all works on the professional end.

Whenever I talk to students I talk to them about their media diets. How they get information and from what sources is often so eye-opening! Printed newspapers have lost almost all of the generation younger than me, best online pokies but local news websites have get loyalty in this group. Can”t wait to see what they have to say today.

I applaud the folks at Oklahoma Christian for being open to a seminar like this. College and universities are going to have to catch up in presenting how the communications world is changing. Oklahoma State is doing a great job in that through what Bill Handy is offering. Having Oklahoma Christian right here to experiment, brainstorm and collaborate with is a thrill.

Lawyers: Beyond the Yellow Pages

I”m also happy to report that local legal eagle Shawn Roberts and I will be hosting a seminar teaching legal professionals about how to use social media to promote themselves, leverage their expertise and stay in contact with clients.

Some of you might know about my opinion about phonebooks. Not a fan. So when I saw that that yellow pages were stocked with lawyers, it compelled me to reach out to that community and teach them how they can effectively use the web to communicate.

One of the interesting things that effects these professionals is that while folks have abandoned their phone books, they haven”t abandoned their phones. The mobile web is key for reaching across demographics, especially in bridging the digital divide, so those in the legal community must have a mobile and social media strategy!

Here”s hoping that we can fill the 50 seats available at the event.

RSVP and register here: http://smirknewmedia.ticketleap.com/law/