Month: November, 2010

15 Nov

What do you say? Great!

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I’m so thrilled with the direction that Smirk New Media has been taking that I’m always eager to share.

So many folks have been asking how the first four months have been, my default answer has become pretty standard: “Great! It’s scary and exciting and we’re really picking up some momentum.”

And that’s my little nugget of advice today. If someone asks how your business is, always say “Great!” Even if you’re stressed or worried or have too much work to handle, say it’s great.

It will life your spirits if you’re down, giving you a little more optimism about the future or it will keep the engine running toward bigger and better things.

Best yet, it will make you and whoever you’re talking to smile.

Isn’t that great?

10 Nov

The secret to success? Lunch

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Tom Peters, the Godfather of leadership and innovation, has been dishing out some great advice to go along with the release of his new book, “Big Little Things.” Some of them are common sense, some of them will blow your mind. This one, explaining the power of one great lunch meeting a day, is one of my faves.

08 Nov

What does Dave say?

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Last Friday, I got the exciting opportunity to attend a simulcast of Dave Ramsey’s EntreLeadership event for small business owners.

Heh, it still gets me that I’m one of those. But for all of our chatter about social media gurus and experts and other hoo-ha, it’s easy to forget the business part of consulting.

When I dove headfirst into this venture a few months ago, I was relying on my faith and my network to get me through the initial steps, but after listening to Dave I realize that just as much time needs to be spent on establishing good business practices.

Success doesn’t come just because you want it to come. You have to work and hustle and have a plan.

Your plan has to be specific with measurable outcomes over a specific length of time.

Your business always has to be moving forward. Fixing issues that come up, but not dwelling on them. You have to be customer focused, as well as leaving room for your people – and God – to do great things.

Smirk New Media has already ready been so successful, so quickly that my head is spinning.

Now, thanks to Dave’s wisdom, lots of friends and lots of faith, we’re going to see where it goes.

03 Nov

What did I learn by not blogging?

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A long layoff comes to an end.
What did I learn?
* Blogging is an outlet often without filter. Be wary.
* Blogging is best kept short, especially if you don’t know exactly what you are talking about.
* Blogging is best kept very long, especially if you know exactly what you are talking about.
* Political blogs are the Hostess snack cakes of the blogosphere.
* Social media blogs sometimes, but rarely, have great gems of interestingness.
* It’s OK to make up words.
* It’s still OK to be nice.
* It’s OK to ask questions.
* It’s OK to answer them.
* When in doubt, bullet points.
* Smile.



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