Month: September, 2010

09 Sep

A small piece of perfect promotion

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Just a quick post to share a sample of what I thought was perfect Web cross-promotion that I came across today.

I’m a big fan of The Art of Manliness, a blog written by Brett and Kate McKay of Tulsa.

Today, Brett posted a guest blog he had written for Etsy about some products they had which would be interesting to men.

It turned out to be a great post for Brett, good content for Etsy and — here’s where it gets really interesting — at the bottom of the page is a sign up for a new email newsletter for Etsy focusing on men’s products.

To be sure, Etsy asked Brett because of the niche he has grown to dominate. Brett gets exposure as that expert to a wider audience that Etsy provides and, if it all works out both sites get more readers and email subscribers.

Expertise. Great content. Audience engagement. All in one tidy package.

That’s what we’re talking about.


08 Sep

Does social media help self-discipline?

Mike Koehler SmallBiz, social media 1 Comment

Just listened to a clip from the Dave Ramsey Show in which author Dan Miller talks about keys to work success. One of the biggest is self-discipline.

Doing what you need to be doing routinely, boosts  your brand and your business and separates the contenders and pretenders.

I wondered, could social media be a part of this?

Those businesses who make updating their online outposts part of a disciplined approach to marketing are successful.

Social media makes interacting with customers part of a company’s self-discipline. It’s been easy to ignore this part of outreach, sharing and connecting for a long time. With social media putting (positive) pressure on businesses, those who make it part of their checklist every day will see results that others who don’t do it as well — or as disciplined.

07 Sep

Are you a hoarder?

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I watched that awful show about hoarding on TV the other day.

All that junk that people surround themselves with physically – whether it’s stacks of newspapers, cat food cans or unopened boxes of Home Shopping Network purchases – can just as easily be jammed up in you mentally.

Are you hoarding in your head?

I’ve been thinking a lot about the conflict between cooperation and competition – about helping vs. hoarding.

We all have our expertise, which I think is the key to turning on the engine of content that will get you attention online. But are we hoarding that expertise or are we using it to help.

If you are hoarding your expertise by holding back what you know and not sharing it with your network (whether intentionally or by just being passive or disengaged) then you are hurting yourself, your connection and ultimately the entire web.

Sharing knowledge and assistance matters.

Worried about how you going to get paid if you give it all away? Sure, so am I.

But only by sowing the seed as much as you can are you going to get any harvest.

Keeping all those seeds in their bags in the dark corner of the shed isn’t going to let them grow.  Sharing them is.




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