Ultimate Social Media Graphic Size Guide

While working on a client project together, we reached out to our great friends at S Design Inc., suggesting their team tackle the Wild West world of social media graphic sizing.

There are a few social media icon sizing guides floating around the web, but nothing really definitive, that we can pass along to clients and friends who want to make sure their Facebook cover looks perfect and their YouTube icon is legible.

So here they are, social media graphic sizing templates for Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest. Again, big thanks to S Design.

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Google_Plus_Template2 (1) Linkedin_Template2 (1) Pinterest_Template2 (1) Youtube_Template2 (1) Twitter_Template (1) Facebook_Template2 (1)


  1. Mike,

    I really appreciate content like this. It is 100% helpful without trying to sell me anything. I can see myself coming back to this post repeatedly as I try to get things sized correctly.

    Great job!


    • Thank you for the great comment Shawn.
      Now could we interest you in some aluminum siding?

  2. These charts are a gem of a blog post find. Very Nice! Thanks!

  3. Smart, Team Smirk/S Design. Very smart.

  4. I know I have all this information stored in different places all over my hard drive, but this is great to have it all in one place…thank you

  5. ridiculously helpful and thorough. THANK YOU! :)

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