Mike Koehler, Smirk New Media | Social media management, social media consulting and social media content in Oklahoma Social Media Management

If a large or small business is looking to improve its use of social media, full use of the strategic expertise of Smirk New Media’s team of social media consultants is the best choice. Smirk New Media is a leading social media consulting firm in Oklahoma, Missouri and the region, with proven social media strategy and clients in a variety of industries. Smirk New Media’s plan for total social media engagement includes daily social media updates, blog and online writing and posting,  planning and creation of video content, planning and creation of email newsletters and marketing, and development of digital advertising and pay-per-click campaigns. When hired for outsourced social media management, a Smirk New Media team member is assigned to a business account to determine the best social media strategies, online platforms and networks and great content and messages for the business.

Search Engine Optimization and Web Content Writing

Words on the web are a big part of what Smirk New Media provides its clients. Quality words created with an eye toward strategy and connection with customers. Smirk New Media crafts quality online content for a business web site in order to gain the attention of not just regular and potential customers, but also of  search engines like Google and Bing. Using our Content Conversation technique, Smirk New Media’s trained team of online content writers will revamp your business web site using strategic keywords in the digital content and creating links around the internet to web users and digital customers to a business.

Digital Ad Management

Smirk New Media director of business development Stephanie Bice is one of the state’s leading digital ad management strategist, managing large national accounts for companies around the country. Stephanie leads the team at Smirk New Media to provide digital advertising management services and pay-per-click consulting. If you want to promote your business using Google AdWords, Facebook advertising or sites like LinkedIn or Bing, you may not know where to start. Smirk New Media will work with your digital advertising budget to craft the right ads to the right audiences online. The result? More traffic to your business website.

Mike Koehler, Smirk New Media | Social media management, social media consulting and social media content in Oklahoma

Social Media Training

Smirk New Media offers large and small business owners the option of being trained on multiple social media platforms. Smirk New Media can provide in-house training over one day or multiple sessions. Smirk New Media’s social media consulting team will discuss best practices, social media strategy and how businesses can reach the audiences they need online.

Social Media Event Coverage

Smirk New Media works with planners of business events and conferences to provide outsourced social media updates in order to reach an outside audience, grow an event’s branding and get media attention. Smirk New Media’s live social media event coverage puts together  the strategic use of social media messages, Twitter hashtags, online photos and video and other live updates, so a business event or conference can gain attention, new social media followers and website visitors, while event planners and conference staff can focus on putting on a great presentation to their attendees.

Mike Koehler, Smirk New Media | Social media management, social media training, social media consulting and social media content in Oklahoma

Social Media Policy

Once a large or small business has decided to make social media a key part of its online marketing strategy, Smirk New Media recommends the development of an employee social media policy. Social media policies are important for companies in Oklahoma and around the regional. Smirk New Media works with a business to defining how social media can work for your business during work hours and off and how to protect a business’ online reputation. Smirk New Media can provide the strategy, research and rollout that a company needs in order to have peace of mind about its social media and digital profile.