Collect a $500 bonus + 10% monthly commissions for the first six months on each referral who becomes a Smirk retainer client.

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There's no easier way to earn extra revenue this holiday season and beyond than by simply introducing Smirk to a qualified prospect who can benefit from digital marketing or advertising services.

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Smirk's offerings evolved with the platforms over the years. We are now a full-service digital agency, offering social management, digital advertising, SEO, email marketing, and more.

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Under President and Managing Partner Allie Carrick's leadership, our team has an expanding range of skill sets, a detail-oriented approach, and a commitment to execution excellence.

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Refer to Smirk, Smirk Does the Work

Looking to fill your stocking with extra revenue before the holiday season? Smirk New Media is offering a bonus to our partners and friends for new retainer clients referred before December 1, 2017. You could earn a $500 signing bonus and 10% monthly commission for your referral’s first six months of services. Identify qualified candidates for Smirk’s services and you can earn passive income for up to six months while completing zero work.

It may seem early for holiday talk, but Smirk’s team is in the midst of developing our current clients holiday strategies now. If you know of a potential client who is seeking to reach customers and motivate sales this fall or winter, there’s no time to waste.

Why Refer to Smirk?


After you complete a web project, what happens next? Clients are more likely to be satisfied long-term if there is a clear return on their investment after launch; that’s where Smirk comes in. A well-defined social media, SEO, and digital advertising strategy will result in consistent traffic, drive conversions and improve search rankings for relevant keywords. Clients who view their site as a valuable investment are more likely to become a repeat customer for upgrades or redesigns down the road. Plus, referring clients to Smirk converts them from a one-time project to an ongoing revenue stream.


Once you complete a time-consuming branding or design project, it’s up to the business to get eyeballs on it. We know success does not happen in a vacuum. With a branding project, a business has taken the first step to success. Creative branding supported by a cohesive marketing strategy is necessary to achieve long-term growth. Many businesses lack the capacity or digital understanding to execute consistent, effective digital marketing campaigns. Smirk develops uninterrupted, creative strategies focused on results.


Client relationships can be fortified with a trusted referral. When sending clients to Smirk, you are sending them to a reliable and experienced partner. Our approach is professional, well researched and results driven. As digital marketing and advertising efforts progress, the client’s growth presents more opportunities outside of your referral. A thriving business equals more opportunity to expand your services. It’s a win-win. Also, we regularly send current and future clients in need of services outside of our scope to our referral partners.

Key Selling Points


We are making it easy for partners, affiliates, and friends to make extra revenue by simply referring our digital services to a business decision maker who could benefit from them. After they sign on for retainer services, we will mail your bonus check with any accrued monthly commission before the holidays. If Smirk is not the right solution for any referral, our business development team will get in touch and update you on the result.


Smirk New Media is a leading digital marketing and advertising agency in the South Central region, partnering with brands in Oklahoma and several other major markets across the U.S. Smirk’s mission is to partner with brands seeking to take their digital results to the next level with an intentional strategy and professional execution. Since our founding in 2010, our team has executed digital strategies for dozens of clients of nearly every size and industry.


Web design, branding or other business service case studies are more effective with prospective clients if the featured business is thriving and viable. Business success is not achieved through one solution. Our services can help ensure the projects you work on are more visible through a professionally executed digital marketing and advertising strategy.


If your business referral is not in Oklahoma City or its surrounding areas, we are experienced working remotely with clients in Dallas, Denver, Chicago, Los Angeles and beyond. We offer our larger market clients the competitive advantage of a professional agency experience at Oklahoma City prices. With an emphasis on consistent communication, our leadership team and strategists strive to deliver a seamless, attentive client experience, regardless of where a business operates.

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Terms & Conditions

The “Holiday Referral Program” offer is valid for any new client referred to Smirk New Media September 11 through December 1, 2017. Smirk New Media will honor this offer if a referral sent before December 1 becomes a retainer client any time in 2018. Holiday bonus checks, with signing bonus and any accrued monthly commission, will be mailed on or before December 8. Smirk New Media reserves the right to deny referrals for any reason, including but not limited to, budgetary limitations, creative differences, excessive demand, timeline, etc. Smirk New Media requires ongoing retainer clients to sign a minimum six-month contract. This particular offer will not apply to any client project with less than a commitment of six months. Smirk clients are required to maintain timely payments. Should any overdue invoices occur, Smirk will pay referral partner signing bonuses and/or monthly commissions when the client has paid those invoices. Smirk will pay monthly commissions on all services rendered during the first six months for every new client. Should a client choose to end their agreement before their six-month commitment, they must give 30 days notice and we will notify the referral partner of cancellation.



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