13 Jul

What is content strategy?

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So there”s this moment. It comes after someone dives into the deep end of the social media pool. They”ve got their accounts set up, a stylin” website and are ready to turn the Internet into their baby.

Then it hits – what am I going to say?

That”s a decision that gets my blood pumping and one I know I”m going to enjoy talking to people about here with Smirk New Media.

Content Strategy is, simply enough, figuring out the answer to “what am I going to say?”

The answer? Say whatever http://www.phpaide.com/?langue=fr&id=16 is it is that no one else in the world can say better than you.

Everyone has expertise. Your mom, your plumber, your sister, the guy who mows your yard, your pastor and YOU.

That”s what you Tweet, Facebook and blog about because that”s what people are following you for. If I want the expertise of Seth Godin, I follow him. But if I want the expertise of a small business owner in Edmond who is going to explain how she gets customers and keeps them in this economy only one person may fill that role.

Think about what interests you. Think about what excites you. Think about what you talk to your friends about. Think about what you share.

Your content is the information that makes you special. It”s what makes you who you are.

Now all you have to do to give it to the world — in 140 characters or, in this case, 245 words.

12 Jul

Opening day: Social media, Oklahoma and connections

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Welcome to the first day of business for Smirk New Media, my step of faith into the world of independent consulting.

Before I get into dispensing daily doses of social media on this blog, I just wanted the address what makes me hopeful about not just this business but about new media, social networking and our real-life community.

As I led up to this decision, I prayed a lot — about what I had to offer people and what kind of support I would get. The answers kept pointing back to my network, both online and off.

When people ask me about who they should follow online, my answer is that you should follow someone who helps you in some way — through insightful posts, interesting information, offline friendship or potential business.

I’ve tried to turn the people I followed on Twitter into real flesh-and-blood relationships. I wanted to meet these folks, understand them and connect with them. If you were on a “twitter blind date” you know what I mean.

Those connections have really helped me in this transition. People have been encouraging, wise, helpful and hopeful. The honest reactions I’ve gotten from my network provide the firm footing underneath these next few steps for me and my family.

I think this is a unique Oklahoma phenomenon. Social media use in Oklahoma City is a reflection of the giving nature of our people and our community.

I want my business to reflect that community.

You’ll find me talking a lot about helping on this blog, because that’s our bottom line at Smirk. We want to help businesses, partners and our community succeed.

Thanks for being on this journey. Can’t wait to see where it goes.

03 Jul

Welcome to Smirk New Media

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Welcome to Smirk New Media, Oklahoma City’s newest home for the help you need to transform the way you do business on the Web. Smirk’s New Media and Content Strategy brings experience, ideas and a bit of fun to your online communication and connections.