Doble R Media

Doble R Media is a digital marketing agency that specializes in reaching the Hispanic community. There are many misconceptions about the Hispanic community, often times present in advertising. Translations gone wrong, language that doesn’t resonate, and flat out ignorance of the culture are some of the few reasons why people are not able to reach the Hispanic community effectively. Some strategists are spectators, rather than members of the community, that cannot fully grasp the culture.

Doble R is a company with a fresh perspective on how organizations can reach their audience. We believe in using social media, and other digital marketing tools can help all businesses grow in a way that achieves measurable organizational objectives, especially if you can tell the story of your business well. Our team is bilingual and bicultural, so they will tell your story correctly and in an interesting way that will bring customers to you.

Social Network Staffing


Social Network Staffing, a division of Smirk New Media, has a powerhouse team specializing in web content, public relations, media and strategic use of emerging digital channels for brands. Social Network Staffing selects and recruits the best social media minds in the market, who understand the social media landscape and how to help a company shine. Companies partner with Social Network Staffing to ensure their next social media manager is someone who not only fits with their team, but has the right tools and knowledge to be effective. If your company prefers to handle the recruitment process, Social Network Staffing can also work alongside your new hire, help with training and developing a strategy to give businesses a running start.

Fieldhouse Media


An award-winning firm providing social media education, monitoring and strategy for athletics departments. Called on by more than 65 athletics departments and conferences, Fieldhouse Media equips student-athletes, coaches and teams to develop a positive reputation in an increasingly digital world.

Merica Media

‘Merica Media is a full-service political communications agency that delivers creative solutions by utilizing insight from decades of digital, public relations, marketing and journalism experience. Immersed in an increasingly connected world, our professional team of strategists, designers and community managers are in pursuit of the latest technology and we strive to understand how each tool and platform works inside and out.

We couple that with careful strategic insight to ensure effective solutions to your most challenging digital communications needs. We start – and end – every campaign with metrics and understand that digital campaigns only work when tied to offline goals. As important as followers are, it’s the metrics that help uncover offline opportunities and improve targeting and messaging.



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